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  1. roberi

    Create a forum.

    That is actually no use for me. I would like to know how to put threads to the top when someone comments in the thread.
  2. roberi

    Create a forum.

    I have search, users, user info, security, login and pagination. All I want now is what I asked in my previous post
  3. roberi

    Create a forum.

    Only missing one thing. When someone posts a new answer I would like the thread to go to the top, how can I do that?
  4. roberi

    Create a forum.

    Never mind. Now my forum is completed. Coded from scratch. It didnt take too long. I spent two hours total on the forum.
  5. roberi

    Create a forum.

    I figured it out, but I have one problem. When I am supposed to add a answer the first answer gets added, but thats it. The id of the answer is not auto_increment, but it makes the id to what the id of the thread is. But I seem to be only able to add one id with a number, not several ids with same numers. How can I do that?
  6. roberi

    Create a forum.

    Eddie, I am not going to make a advanced forum so I guess it wont take many months to create it, and I am not a person who sits by the computer many hours daily. I will download a forum and see how they do it
  7. roberi

    Create a forum.

    Btw, there is just two things I need help with. The first is how to design good forum tables. (I suck at designing with CSS) The second thing is to add answers. I have to tables is my DB, one for forum questions and one for forum answers. I just need help to display the right answers inside the right forum thread, and how to display the answers.
  8. roberi

    Create a forum.

    Thank you for answer, but I would actually like to code a forum from scratch. That is mutch better in my oppinion then to download a forum.
  9. roberi

    hiding html tags

    Try to use it around the $something = $_POST['something']; So itwill be $something = strip_tags($_POST['something']); Hope it works.
  10. roberi

    Create a forum.

    Hello, is thereanyone out there who got a tutorial on how to create a forum?
  11. Thank you for making this script I have a question, what does the function renderForm do?
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