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  1. Hi ANYONE!! I am ready to tear my hair out. I am a beginner and am making my first tutorial. I have made a graphic portion of the tutorial (2 minutes)roughly, in Flash including a short animation and sound, it is all laid out in the timeline just perfectly. I have separately shot a video (my first one) fps30 flash frames are evenly divised at 1/2 that. I followed a tutorial that helped me create a player with controls using the FLV Playback component which resides in a separate FLA file, when you play it , it is programmed to load my video and works great, problem is I want my original grap
  2. Hi, I'm new to web design. I have a lot of ideas for websites and am just starting to learn html, html 5, java script, and css. I do not know PHP. I am interested in starting to compile a data base of people that are potential people to market services to in the many different categories I am interested in creating websites for. Is there an advantage to placing them into a desktop data base like Microsoft Access as opposed to Outlook? I want to design e-commerce sights and dynamic content sights with user interaction, so I will eventually want to learn PHP and My Sql. Do you have to buy MySql
  3. I have been toying with the idea of starting a socail networking site or classified add site but it is something I want to eventually (or maybe at launch) bundle with other services in a larger website. I don't have design or development experience yet. Are there drawbacks to using premade software like "social go" or "marketgrabber" in the long run? Is all the information still private? What kinds of technologies are involved? Any reason to definitely hire a programmer to design? Is it possible to build pieces of a site like that and then just keep adding stuff on, or is it better if the whol
  4. Isn't the internet being integrated with everyones television equipped with Google? It seems like that should perpetuate use of the internet.
  5. I am new at this. I think it is good to get a degree and also learn from everywhere that you can. This is my first time in a forum. I am confused about fast reply and regular replies and why my post comes out with the persons question in the top of it and other peoples don't. Am I doing something wrong?
  6. I hope I am doing this right. I have not posted to a forum before. I too just started at Devry. I started a class in Adobe Flash today. I have taken a couple of design classes already there and so far I have had really great passionate teachers. The classes I am taking are online and I was surprised at the quality of them. They seem much better than the online classes I have taken at Jr college. Good luck.
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