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  1. ..not sure about the raise bit. Only been here for 2 months. Still leanring a lot of the code were rockin

  2. I find with older owners, they really dont know what they want for these types of things. It may be risky on your part, but just go ahead a do the site the way you want, with their content. If its 100% better than what is currently up (which really wouldnt take you much time) he'll be impressed. They honestly don't know what it CAN look like until you show them. I say this is risky because your going to spend some time creating something nice that they haven't given the go ahead for. When i was first got into designing sites (10 years ago) I looked at a lot local websites. I picked 2 of the absolute worst sites i could find, and I re-did them without even contacting the owners. I did them for free to help get a portfolio going and go gain he experience. (I think one of them actually 'tipped' me $500 for my efforts. I made him donate it to the SPCA). All im saying, is they probably dont really know what they want until you show them what it could be. Unsliced bread was good enough until someone showed it could be sliced.
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    If it were a personal site i was working on, maybe hiding the error would be acceptable. I am working full time for a company at the moment so Im sure i should be burying my bad code I've got it sorted out, I actually changed the logic completely so I didnt have to start pulling and editing out of arrays. Thanks!
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    When you say Germany - I think Rammstien right away. One of my all time fav bands. Not sure if I can rock them while coding to well, but definitely have them loaded up on my iphone for my workouts. Couple other German bands that are worth a listen are Eisbrecher or Oomph. ( or even MegaHerz, but i only enjoy 1 or 2 of their tracks) Led Zep is probably tied with The Doors as my all time fav though. Ive gone through a Beattles phase recently, and I'm thinking I'm going through a Rush phase now lol.
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    Ive never been a huge fan of the band rush. But i've recently developed a liking for them. Right now I'm listening to rush songs on Sirius XM while hacking out some bugs & Its actually making life a little more enjoyable during de-bugging! !Recommend! Anyone else with good some good tune recommendations?
  6. Nice links. Our site has something just like the example used for its online magazine. You can control the page flip anywhere much like a real piece of paper, and its completely developed using jquery as well. I spend some time playing with it when i first started --update to this post---- after posting i thought about it and went and looked again.. Ours was done in Flash. Sorry about that
  7. I was looking around a little bit with this topic in mind. I found this link here that might be useful to your css selectors jbwebdesign. Im assumeing your css file had something like this to decorate your id: #user_id { xxxxxx: xx } change the hash to a full stop (.) to make it identify the class. .user_id { xxxxxxx: xx }
  8. Falken, I like how that works a lot better than the way I was thinking. jb - ya you'll need to edit your css file as your not decorating by id anymore.
  9. Falken, Would getElementbyclassname("user_id") work now in its place instead of searching the elements for a value? (Im pretty new to jquery myself so I'm pretty interested on how this works out)
  10. Without actually testing it and playing with it looks to me like if you changed <input type="hidden" id="user_id" ..... with <input type="hidden" class="user_id" ..... it may work. Like falken mentioned, when you use id it needs to be unique. Your code gets looped, so the output gives multiple id's the way it is.
  11. --Updated-- Ionsis, just above your text field, there should be an icon to 'insert link'. That does that work for you?
  12. So what would fix that easily? Replacing the 'id''s with 'class' or incrementing the id's along with the loop counts?
  13. but the flowers are covering up that pretty bird Looks good!
  14. Are you using apache? This should help you out.
  15. jstern


    so I have an array (shipping) with a bunch of indexes. Such as name, address country etc. I am able to debug and see whats in my array. array 'firstName' => string 'Jordan' (length=6) 'lastName' => string 'Stern' (length=5) 'street1' => string '35 7th St Nw' (length=12) 'city' => string 'Bayamon' (length=7) 'province' => string 'choose' (length=6) 'province_hidden' => string '1' (length=1) 'country' => string 'choose' (length=6) 'country_hidden' => string '1' (length=1) 'zip' => string 'GY3 5HB' (length=7) 'phone' => string '4035291110' (length=10) 'business' => string 'Dev' (length=3) 'province_other' => string 'Puerto Rico' (length=11) 'country_other' => string 'Puerto Rico' (length=3) I want to access 'country_other' so if a customer puts 'puetro rico' php can change it to usa. I did this: if (strtolower($this->post['shipping']['country_other']) == 'puerto rico') { $this->post['shipping']['country_other'] = 'usa'; } And it works when i debug: array 'firstName' => string 'Jordan' (length=6) 'lastName' => string 'Stern' (length=5) 'street1' => string '35 7th St Nw' (length=12) 'city' => string 'Bayamon' (length=7) 'province' => string 'choose' (length=6) 'province_hidden' => string '1' (length=1) 'country' => string 'choose' (length=6) 'country_hidden' => string '1' (length=1) 'zip' => string 'GY3 5HB' (length=7) 'phone' => string '4035291110' (length=10) 'business' => string 'Dev' (length=3) 'province_other' => string 'Puerto Rico' (length=11) 'country_other' => string 'usa' (length=3) But when I take my var_dump($this->post['shipping']) out, I get: "Undefined index: shipping in C:\dev\trunk\application\controllers\CheckoutController.php on line 972" which is the same line as " if (strtolower($this->post['shipping']['country_other']) == 'puerto rico') {" Any ideas?
  16. jstern

    CSS Layout problems

    I havent look at your code, but have you tried to use the style WORD-BREAK:BREAK-ALL; Last I knew about it, it was an IE style only, though might have changed??!?
  17. From everything Ive learned along the way so far, I'm gonna have to agree. Its what were using at work as well so until I've 'mastered' it, I'd rather not confuse myself with others...yet Either way, I plan on checking out that tutorial, I'm just not sure if I can follow along.
  18. whats the skinny on CodeIgniter? Is it a php editor or more like a framework??
  19. Falken that would be pretty awesome. I know I could use a lot more info on something like this. Could you do it using the Zend Framework?
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