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  1. Wickham, thanks so much for your advice and the code! - I've tried it and it works perfectly! Is there also a way how to define a selected link (i.e. when people click on "contact us", for example, I'd like to have this link of the menu highlighted or in a different color). Or, when you have a language selection, how can I make the selected language's link look selected? I've tried #menu1 a:selected { color: red; } but it doesn't do anything so I guess that's not the way... Thank you again! Milly
  2. Hi, I would like to ask a similar question - that is, I'm trying to add a second navigation menu on my homepage that will offer different language versions of the site but I don't want it to have the same active/hover/visited properties (size, color) as my main navigation menu. I am making the page in Dreamweaver but I am struggling with this particular issue. Would very much appreciate any help! Thank you!
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