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  1. falkencreative, that way I would have only 1 file for all the various "slideshows" and include just the 1 file per page. Good idea, thanks!
  2. I have various "slideshows", sometimes multiple per page, but each type is standardized for all the effects, speeds, etc.
  3. Virtual, thanks...that makes sense, and it works now. I was just trying to cut down on some time/text. I was hoping to put the script functions for fade speed, type, etc in the CSS for a global way to change everything, but it looks like I'll have to do that per page.
  4. Kind of a generic question...I have a plugin that falkencreative recommended (and works great, btw) to cycle images on a website. Right now, I have the "coding" on each individual html file. I should be able to put this into my CSS sheet, right? I can't seem to get it to work/load properly when I put it into the CSS sheet. This is what I'm using on each individual html file and what I'd like to just put into my master CSS: When I remove the "style" portions of the code, it starts to stack the images but the script never runs properly. I'm still a noob at this, so g
  5. It has some issues loading in IE...it gives me these errors: Line: 47 Error: Expected identifier, string or number Line: 75 Error: Expected identifier, string or number Has anyone had this same issue in IE?
  6. Ahhh, I figured it out...it did have to do with positioning. Now to try and align them in a row.
  7. That's a very nifty plugin. It took me a while to figure out most of it, but I'm still stuck on a few parts. I think it has more to do with web design than the plugin itself, so here goes. How do I get the image/slideshow up in the top box (eventually spacing it so its kind of in line with the logo...a matter of fiddling, I realize) and how do I get three of these slideshows side by side with now spaces between them? I can only seem to get them to stack vertically and with spacing...the website is here and yes, I realize the images aren't attached so it just shows boxes for now and I'm
  8. Thanks again, falken. Is this a plugin that viewers would need to download/install before viewing those items on the page?
  9. falken, thank you for the advice and the fix, it worked perfectly. Slowly, slowly I am learning
  10. Hey there, I'm finalizing some web design here and I can't seem to figure out how to add some images that will rotate to the top portion of the page. Is there a way to put an image box up there that would cycle through a set of images (without using flash)? What would be the best way to go about doing this? Here is a link to the page I have at the moment. http://staticelectricityman.com/caa/cgi-bin/Main.html
  11. Well, I almost have the menus working properly. It seems like the new menu overrides part of the horizontal menu (the home button) while also pushing the body down below itself. Here is the link again, I've updated the work: http://staticelectricityman.com/caa/cgi-bin/Main.html The link takes you to the main page so you can see the horizontal bar as it should be but if you click Project List and then Residential, you can see the new vertical side navigation bar and how it obliterates the HOME button and pushes everything down. How do I make the body not bump down and how do I fix the n
  12. Susie, I agree and I've convinced "the committee" to abandon the previous idea. Thank you for the excellent suggestion and I also hadn't noticed that if my mouse strayed too far from the field that it would default back to the top "page" of the navbar. I think I'm going to try to implement a toolbar on the side similar in style to the top bar and make a separate css for it to use in the appropriate pages.
  13. virtual, thanks! I already am running into browser troubles. I will take a look at that link; I'm just trying to hammer down one bird at a time
  14. Susie, that's kind of what I was originally thinking...and I'm open to suggestions. The way the page is set up seemed to favor the hoverpage style. For example, the Residential page would take you to a generic page with that crazy hovernavbar but the Residential projects we do has far too much information to contain on one page. For example, under Residential we would have Remodels, Additions, Historic Preservation, Standard Plans, etc...each of those subsections would contain images and projects we've worked on. I do agree it seems a little over the top.
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