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  1. Having trouble with Lightbox2. I can't get the thumbnails to show on the page. The only thing that shows is a link to an image. Come to think of it there was no place in Lightbox2 that mentioned thumbnails. I've attached a snip of the index page(the page I decided to try this on) showing where I added the code. Any ideas?
  2. You're right when it comes to the thumbnail pages. Just add a div. But then there's the large image page for each thumb, and they require more changes such as Page Title, header, description of image, and/or title, div for path to the image, and then describe it's dimensions and add an alt. Then add info for left arrow and right arrow. I shoot regularly and to keep up the website I'd need to make pages constantly. Just looking for a way to lessen the work. Maybe it's time to reuse pages and simply add new info and images. But I still like the idea of a Lightbox where the viewer can see a large number of images without leaving the page.
  3. You got me interested in the lightbox idea, so I looked at Lightbox2. They seem to use a lot more code than the page you referenced above. Did you use Photo Gallery from Photoshop, or is this your own code? And which lightbox software do youy recommend?
  4. Thanks for the response, ideas. The Wordpress plug in idea looked good, but I'd rather keep my site mine as far as code goes, and all it controls. Not sure about the lightbox idea, but I'll look into it. Just thought there might be a way to write my own code so that the thumbs and larger image files could be posted quickly, at least for a section of my website.
  5. Hi, grabenair. What I'd like is to have a section of my site where I could post pics with ease like you can with Facebook or smugmug, etc. On those sites you simply upload the image and write some text and hit send. If I could do that on part of my site I'd be able to post a lot more images than I do now because of the time it takes me to build a page for each image. I spend a lot of time in the field, so a quick post here and there woould be a big help.
  6. My linkMy homebuilt photography website requires a lot of ongoing work. I'd like to streamline it to where I could simply change a photo and descriptive text that goes with it without stopping to make a new code page. Any ideas? How do those ready made sites like Smugmug, etc. do this?
  7. In Photoshop go to Edit>convert to sRGB, then Image>Mode>8 bits. Then Image> Image Size, and check the Resample Image box, and then make the longest side either 640 or 720 or 800, whatever you prefer. After this I always sharpen the resampled image and then go to Save for Web, where I make the image no more than 100 kb for Facebook or 200 kb for my website. The idea is to present a crisp image, but w/out enough resolution that someone could make a print from it. Wayne
  8. I've settled on this. At least for now. And I appreciate the help very much. I think the grey text box looks pretty good. Any thoughts? My link
  9. That's the way I had it, but a lot of text(which I intend to write for most of the pages) competes visually with the image. I'll try a faint or gradient box.
  10. That you explained the processes was a great help in me understanding the what's and why's of coding. I started from nothing but this forum and few dozen googles. But the helpful people here is what made it all a lot easier. Btw, I like how you describe looking at the whole design in order to plan the order of the css. Okay, I've gone through my whole website making the coding corrections you outlined above. I also made a few changes in wrapper dimensions, etc, but now the nav bar and page heading(Artistic...) are off center. Actually they're obviously centered for the wrapper, but it looks awkward and I'd like to move them to the center of the image. I managed to move the h3 heading, but messed up the navbar in my attempt. If there's a solution in Css only it would save a lot of work, as I've already had to go through the entire site's html pages. Here's the link to a page as it is now My link
  11. Wow. Thanks tons. I'll get this done tomorrow and post the finished product. That was a lot of work. I really appreciate it.
  12. My mistake. Now that I moved it up to follow the navlist as you did it works. Here's the css #floater { width: 150px; color: white; position: relative; float: right; top: 50px;} Now that the text is showing in the box, it has moved all the existing image text off center of the image,while it is still centered in the wrapper.(the image moved left to accommadate the extra space needed for the floater text box). Any way of correcting that?
  13. Trying the link again http://www.N:\Documents\2009CssWebsiteremake2\lowhangingstorm.html
  14. Here's the page My link As you can see, I can't get the floater to sit centered in the wrapper. Also I want to get rid of the white background and just make the text white against the dark wrapper.
  15. I'm not too sure how to post a link to this page.
  16. The text won't wrap and go down to the next line. Shouldn't I add a margin in CSS to contain it?
  17. Thanks, I tried this, but it doesn't contain the text in a block. I'm trying to add a block of text as a column on the right side of the existing wrapper.
  18. I'd like to add a block of text on the right side of the wrapper on most of my pages, but cannot figure out the CSS code to do that. No problem getting the existing text on the wrapper, but aligning new text to run down the right side has me stumped. Really appreciate some help. My website in question is My link
  19. Just finished rebuilding my photographic site, and have a problem with email. When I send mail to myself it goes through the host and I get it, no problem. But as soon as I click the Send button on my contact page the whole site disconnects and I get a blank page. This never happened before the rebuild, btw. I appreciate your help. http://www.waynewillison.com
  20. Thanks, Andrea. I removed the <br>'s and the thumbs lined up as you said. Did you add padding-top like this? #images img{float:left; padding:top} Also, I'll play with a class for 2 verticals and one horizontal image per row, and sww if I can get that to look better.
  21. I've had thumbnail page problems in the past, but with the help of this forum fixed them. However, now another one and I can't see the answer. The top row, numbers one and two thumbs have gotten out of alignment. Appreciate some help. This page
  22. I wrote the code yet it wasn't obvious to me. There are #posts and #images and #navists and p.left, etc, etc. But I see what you mean now that you've mentioned positioning them on either side of the title, although that wouldn't work because some images are titled at top and some at bottom. As to using a different browser I just thought there might be some magic in it I wasn't aware of. Thanks.
  23. Virtual, your idea of using padding:1em worked well. Thanks. For the arrows, what do you mean by "placing them in the #post? Also, if I download say Firefox 3.5 or any other browser, where do I keep it, on the desktop? I've never used another browser before so know nothing about the process.
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