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  1. If you just pm me a link to a downloadble version of the files, or email it to me I'll figure it out for sure
  2. I'm having a bit trouble understanding exactly what your problem iss (forgive me if I'm just too slow:-).. Could you try to describe, in a few sentences, what exactly your problem is?
  3. I've found and downloaded your stylesheet (h tt p:// vojodes ign.c om/proofs/valuedWealthAdvisors/css/styles.css) But where is the stylesheet for the .home, .investments, .about and so forth located?? I thought I could give it a try for debugging.
  4. Are you refering to an hyperlink title tag or the document tag ??
  5. Hmmm.. Well ok, if you say so. I'll try to display the webpage from another computer. So you don't see any errors at all?
  6. Sorry, it's been down for three hours (changed webhost) but it's up and running again now:)
  7. Hi everyone and thanx for reading this post about the BIGGEST CSS headache I've had in my career as webdeveloper! To explain the problem in short: I've made a website for a client that for some strange reason flicker on refresh in IE8. If I hit the refresh button several times, also background images partly disappear(See the image below.. (and where backgroundimages disappear is random each time..)) http://www.codeservice.no/dynimg/yndestad.gif[/img] I've tried to remove all JavaScripts: Does not solve it! I've tried to partly remove CSS classes and ID's: Does not solve it! I'm, for the first time in my career, completely stuck! It could be something in the XHTML markup thats causing it, or a combination of the CSS and the XHTML.. If you wish to help me, you can download a static html file and a few folders stuffed in a zip file. See the url below. ht tp://w ww.codeservic e.n o/codeservice_debug_project.z ip You can also see the working website with the bug at htt p://w ww.yndestadferi e.n o/ Thanx a MILLION for all help I can get:)
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