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  1. I guess, is there something from the file I need to move from the downloaded folder or put into my css document? thanks
  2. thanks, but it messed it up more. Now that weird arrow image is still on the page but for some reason the program made a whole bunch of thumbnails and lined them up on the side and my main text is also missing. It also has a bunch of pirobox random stuff underneath. I basically wanted to keep the main page, with the titles in the frame on the side, and then when you would click the text, it would pop up into the series of images. ( ie. no visible thumbnails) now I am completely lost. I will keep playing around with it, but if you know more about it that would be very helpful thanks!
  3. Hi- I aslo have a question in regards to this. I have been working on a website and have been testing it- and I have a double window frame: www.uoregon.edu/~tpurkers and I am tying to figure out how to center the table (which is divided into two in the middle.)- but it seems only the right side wants to adjust. was curious as how to go about this. I tried to follow the post above me, but kept running into walls. Thanks,
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