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  1. I certainly appreciate all the feedback and suggestions. However, I am more confused now than when I first started. I guess it would be really helpful if I provide the url: www.geralddavidson.com Once again I am very new at this and often don't understand some of the web design lingo...so please be patient and basic. Thank you much!
  2. I tried copying and pasting this code div#wrap { margin: 0 auto;} on my pages in code mode but it didn't work. Should I have done something different with the code...is there a specific place to put the code?
  3. Thanks, I'll try this and see if it works.
  4. Hi, I designed my first website using Dreamweaver CS3 and centered it using guides. When I preview it in Firefox on my PC it looks roughly centered. However, when I view my site using internet explorer or on older computers the site is all to the left hand side. How can I ensure that the site is centered on all computers and on all browsers?n
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