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  1. I knew it was simple. Thank you that does fix it. I don't really want it to be a list at all but if there is no problem leaving it as a list, and if it has to be a list, making it list-style: none then will do that. Thanks!
  2. Hi I am a beginner at this and am trying to set up a website which will have many separate documents which are set up in Word 2007 with a template attached. They all have numbered paragraphs so I have had to convert the number field to text. No problem. But when I bring the docs over to HTML it also adds either bullet points or an additional set of numbers to the paragraphs. They are appearing as either or . I am trying to set up an external style sheet but am a bit stuck as although I have read lots of stuff about CSS I think I am missing something. Also when I look in the CSS Current mode I keep getting a message that no CSS properties apply etc. I am sure there is a simple solution - but it escapes me. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Macca
  3. macca

    Two basic CSS Mistakes

    Hi I am a newbie and I found that article really helpful, as I think I havent quite mastered the conceptual issues, but when I try to look at the code which I assume is in DSD CSS I just get a blank page. Is there any other way to see it? Am using Safari. Thanks Macca
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