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  1. Ah....tell me about this budget websites deal...sometime it seems people are trying to do business by not spending money on anything. I have clients asking me to design an online shop for $350 (and that's in AUD!!!), I almost ripped my own head off! Even if I did accept, I will have sleepless night, as he would constantly called you with 'advise' and 'favours'....oh gosh...
  2. Hey guys, It's quite interested to start doing website with wordpress, but I have some dilemma (and not sure if this is justified, or me being over paranoid). If a client wishes a small and simple website (brochure style) which normally spans up to 7 pages, I would normally do it in static style, as it is a budget type of website. Now if you're doing it in wordpress, the number of pages is literally unlimited, and Im not sure how to price the service, as somehow, I have this feeling that they think that they are being ripped off by me not doing the real job (coding). Thanks
  3. Reading your blog post confirmed that I am doing something right Thanks
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