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  1. I have been learning web development for the past 2 years. Mainly the MERN stack as well as some Python and Django. I live in an area where there currently aren't much web dev jobs. It's mostly Java and C around me for coding devices for automobiles. I am just more interested in web dev. I also am not interested in chasing the wind to try to find web dev jobs. I am willing to take a couple more years to get to a level where clients/companies come to me.
  2. I'm two years into web development full stack that is. I realize there are no shortcuts, lately I've been working on a couple of apps that solve problems for myself. In those apps I'm including a lot of functionality including notifications to my watch and iphone and user registration and database. My JavaScript chops are being worked now as I have to do things like create elements in the DOM, loop through them and then add ability to manipulate the database and blah blah blah. I think once I complete projects like this, I will be up and kicking. I think! lol
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