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  1. Hi guys! I wonder if you have the possibility to change your job right now without any consequences what will you opt for? Will it be anything dream-of-a-kind or just an unusual one? What limitations do you have at the moment for not doing what you love (money/time/support etc?)? Don't be afraid to share your thoughts regarding the this.
  2. Hi all! I've been thinking about this for a couple of years (you know when you're bored with your current job and routine) but haven't decided anything. I'd like to start a new career in software development instead of my current niche - marketing. Has anyone tried the same? Was it too difficult? From the range of technologies I'm interested in front-end, so in need of the programming languages to start with (I'm accustomed a little bit to java and that's all). Just let me know that it's not completely insane for a marketer to touch the development world. I know that the very n
  3. Hi Shad, I guess your logo is absolutely OK and its design coincides with the moto "believe in love and comparison". You may freely use it.
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