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  1. Hi, i made the same transition - so maybe i can share with you some thoughts. I was in the field of Online Marketing and that's why i had some touching points with technology (but not programming) before. Today i think you can make a transition from any field to programming because the world of IT is very open and the demand is there. But People with background in Marketing can benefit the most in IT. The Software we write has to be sold (to a customer or to a User), you have to pitch your idea to a decider for your Project (Marketing), as a Developer you have to market yourself (in a Company or as a Freelancer). As you can see, Knowledge about Marketing is very useful, because we want to code for cash. The learning path is not different from people from other industries. Learn the basics and start to write Code. Stay in your field/job until you wrote your first progams. Then kick-start your career as a Developer. I also think programming and Marketing is a very good combo, as Stef said. You can start to create a website for a product you like and use your marketing knowlegde for the content and UX. This can be a good playground to learn the skills :). Regards and all the best, Daniel
  2. Hi, maybe because python becomes more and more popular as a Programming Language. My two cents, S1m0
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