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  1. You're welcome. What was the thing that fixed it?
  2. You might want to check the screenshot you uploaded as the image seems broken
  3. Ok cool You also seem certain that the url and paths match up, but just to rule it out, Can you copypaste the url from your webrowser and the exact path from the root of you mac? (right click hold alt and then choose copy as pathname) Also, in your MAMP settings, which folder is set as your root for the websites? Also copypaste exact path here. Which exact error are you getting? Whats really helpful is a screenshot of the full screen when the error shows.
  4. Does the default homepage work when you click 'Open WebStart Page'?
  5. You will be needing and IDE where the other end of the pair is hightlighted automatically after you selected one. That and perhaps even being able to collapse code based on the brackets it is in between. There is some getting used to being able to discriminate groups of code with the naked eye to some level. But using only that is crazywork
  6. Yes! And if you must, you can use your theme's functions.php file where you can throw in some code. As long as it's a cosmetic alteration that isnt a problem if it disappears when you change a theme later on in life.
  7. I'm 38yo and from Belgium Been in touch with web development since 2011 and always done some mild front-end to pay the bills. Up until 2017 Ive worked in organisations (in the Drupal space actually which is quite popular in Belgium) doing front-end/site-building and administration. Had to move to administratino because I couldn't keep up with the sharp and fast developers. I started working on my own trying to find my own clients and currently doing WordPress sites for a few. There is a government program here in Belgium that is allowing some subsidised support while Im building my busi
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