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  1. I'm 38yo and from Belgium Been in touch with web development since 2011 and always done some mild front-end to pay the bills. Up until 2017 Ive worked in organisations (in the Drupal space actually which is quite popular in Belgium) doing front-end/site-building and administration. Had to move to administratino because I couldn't keep up with the sharp and fast developers. I started working on my own trying to find my own clients and currently doing WordPress sites for a few. There is a government program here in Belgium that is allowing some subsidised support while Im building my business which Im very lucky to have. But I'm feeling it's time to cut the cord and start making my own money for real. My goal is to at first be more efficient and narrowing the scope of small wordpress sites and invoice accordingly. Then I'd like to move into proper back-end development as I'm tired of dealing with the uninformed opinions on design and front-end. I'm hearing from other backend developers that you're more 'left alone' to make the stuff work. Which is only to a certain degree because you always have to communicate I realise that. But yes anyways Hello everybody! 🙂
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