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  1. HMM! Maybe my question was not so redundant after all! So where can I download earlier versions of IE? I too used the "screen-shots" which showed IE7 not understanding anything except body {background: #333;} "<div id="wrapper"> attributes were all ignored! IE will eventually shape up or go away! FIREFOXES OF THE WORLD UNITE! JOIN THE REVOLUTION!! Alfie
  2. At the risk of being vastly redundant... Two points: 1) the search feature on Killersites seems very "unspecific". i.e. when I typed in "Browser compatibility tester" I got ALL posts with any of the words mentioned. Is the search capable of using Boolean characters? 2) How DO you guys test for browser compatibility? Thanks guys! Alfie
  3. Thanks newseed, just what I needed! I was surprised to find that the W3Schools site did not cover that. Is it fully supported as far as you know? Alfie
  4. I know I have seen the CSS attribute of "small caps" as applied to text somewhere in here before. The W3S tutorials do not seem to cover that. Is that a CSS2 or CSS3 attribute? What is the proper syntax and how is it supported? Muchos Grassy-ass! (That is from a silly card I received recently.) As always! Alfie
  5. Holy mackerel dere Andy! Amazing! I first tried just "text-shadow: (etc)" and in FF it works just dandy (Actually amazingly!) @Eric those samples are equally amazing. I shall study those further! In my case the "text-shadow" will work just fine: it will be only an enhancement to an otherwise acceptable design. Doing a "happy dance" here Effusive thanks! Alfie
  6. Yep! That's the answer I expected. Many thanks! Alfie
  7. I believe this topic may have been discussed before, but after a diligent search I have not found an answer. How do I add a drop-shadow to a heading? I know I can do it in a graphics program like PhotoShop, but that negates the value of a <h1> header! I suspect the answer is: "you don't with current CSS!" Alfie
  8. To my mind there would be a few issues with having a host outside your country of residence: 1) The transfer of money across international currencies. 2) Telephone support in case of problems. Usually you get what you pay for. Greater bandwidth = more money. Free = pop-up ads on your site etc. Go with recommendations from friends and acquaintances as much as possible. I am afraid I do not know any in the UK I could recommend. Good luck!
  9. Hello Brian: Sorry about the tardy reply, but I have been preoccupied with a home improvement project, now thankfully almost complete! Regarding the color scheme, that is just a personal thing and you did right in choosing a palette from a good source. Perhaps try a darker version of the beige for more contrast. What do you intend putting into those boxes? Photos or graphics or text? If photos or graphics the issue goes away, if text, be sure to choose a VERY contrasting color for the text in order to be easily read, especially by people with impaired eye-sight or color blindness. Using colors or borders for divs is a trick I have used myself from time to time. Just remember to remove them later! As stated, just a personal issue and there is nothing "wrong" with your choice! Best regards from North Carolina, USA! Alfie P.S. Where in the U.K. do you live? I spent two years in London during my tender youth before emigrating to the US in 1957.
  10. Andrea is probably correct in pointing to the background-color: red; in the CSS as the offending source of the red line in IE. Some Internet Explorer versions have some quirky interpretations of the standard box model with added margins and such. Further, I do not see ANY red on your site and so do not understand why that line is in the CSS at all! I am not crazy about your color scheme. Just as a suggestion, stay all in the same color family or a more contrasting color for your boxes. I assume you intend to add some graphics to the site eventually. Right now it does not have any "Eye Candy". Yes! Loose the clock It means absolutely nothing. A good first effort! Continue plugging and by all means continue using this forum for answers and inspiration! Alfie
  11. What should a site map be? I picture it as essentially an organization chart of your site. Should such a graphic (or list) have clickable links to the elements? Thanks all dudes and dudesses! Alfie
  12. Pretty much six of one - half a dozen of the other! The choice should be one of aesthetics to my mind. I.e. what looks best to you as a designer. Someone else might have a more concrete response. PS I like the new look too!
  13. HMMM! Don't remember doing that. Must have been in one of my "Martini Moments"! Thanks guys and gals! Alfie
  14. I just routinely checked my own personal website and found the following codes in my section. I sure as heck didn't type that in there! Some kind of GOOGLE thing? Mystified - Alfie
  15. Here is another unsolicited rave review of the Killersite's program(s). I started with Stefan's program several years ago when it consisted of a single CD for a few bucks. He, (and his equally knowledgeable buddies) almost literally, takes you by the nose and leads you into the mysteries of web development. The instructions are not difficult to follow, precise and most importantly(!) - UP TO DATE. (Most courses taught today seem to be about ten years behind currently accepted practices.) This forum is another delightful addition to the learning endeavor, - and that is FREE! The Killersite's program is a LOT of bang for the buck! Do it! Alfie
  16. HA and HA again! I'll be 70 in April! Old Vikings never die: They are just nor horny after a while!
  17. daddyalfie


    Cool new look Stefan. I like it lots! Alfie
  18. Yup! Works like a charm! Guess us Scandihoovians need to use that charset! Many thanks! Alfie
  19. Thanks Virtual! I shall try that and I shall probably note any result here as it would seem to be pertinent to some users herein. Alfred (The Great!)
  20. Thanks to LSW for his recent reply to a similar question from me. Here's a new wrinkle! I made a post - sort of a blog - of pictures and comments regarding a Swedish St. Lucia party we recently hosted. In it I needed to use some special Swedish vowels (With "umlauts") Using utf-8 did not work at all, so after some research on the net I tried using utf-16 instead. Worked wonderfully in FireFox, but (SURPRISE SURPRISE!) not in IE-8. Any special charsets for foreign characters that IE will understand? Thanks! Alfie
  21. That was clear as a martini: I shall toast with one tonight! Thanks, Alfie
  22. daddyalfie


    Can anyone explain to me the meaning of those Charsets? Does it make any difference whether you use charset=iso-8859-1 or utf-8 or whatever? Any one more universal than another? Alfie
  23. What an obvious solution! Works like a charm and I feel stupid not to have thought of it myself! Thanks!
  24. Hmmm! That is exactly what I have been doing, until recently! The last couple of times I have taken the notepad version of the text, added the HTML coding and THEN pasting it all into the web page. I also noted that I have charset=iso-8859-1 specified rather than utf-8 as TKG suggested. Hmmmm!
  25. I (minimally) use some PHP for "includes" and check them locally using WAMP. My computer defaults to FireFox as a browser. Is there an easy "switch" so I can test my pages in IE before uploading them to a server? Thanx Alfie
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