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  1. On THIS website can you see an easy way of making the nav column on the left always extend down all the way to the bottom to match the height of the right "main" div? (I HAVE browsed the forum here but found no direct discussion of it.) Thanks! Alfie
  2. Welcome to our site, but learn how to spell! "GRATE" is a grid of some sort as a gate or something to hold fish over a fire for cooking. GREAT however is a word implying "large" or "wonderful" We appreciate your accolade, and do not mind me. I am an old curmudgeon who used to be an editor, And, yes, this forum is the perfect place to learn and grow in the art and science of web development. Welcome to the forum! Alfie
  3. Not sure what your question is. Your English is a bit confusing. Are you asking... What should I do if my customers buy my templates (AND) are paying through Paypal (AND THEN ASK FOR ME TO) make (A) refund? How I can protect myself? Answer: Tell them to to put their head in a bucket of water twice and take it out only once! I know, I am being facetious. If they buy your template, and pay for it, it is theirs. Period! Am I right guys and gals? Alfie
  4. @Susie (and all!) Thank you Susie, but I am totally NOOB about wordpress, although I have seen a bit about it here in the forum. What the hey is it and what does it do? I have even looked at their website and still do not get what it is! Also, what do you mean by "Fresh Content"? My client intimated that he might like to include some "seasonal" subjects like Christmas, New Year, Valentines Day etc., and I think that is a great idea! That's what you mean? Or do you mean a revamp of the whole thing? Thanks to all for your caring and expertise! Alfie
  5. Thanks so much to both of you! I have e-mailed my client twice, once through the website form and once through the address I have on file. I have yet to receive a response other than the courtesy reply from the form-mail program. Perhaps his e-mail address has changed??? That would certainly explain his problem! I have now telephoned him and left a message. Hope the problem is that simple! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed! (Not easy!) Alfie
  6. OK! HERE is the site in question. I have not made any changes to it in nearly three years. One concern I had was that the e-mail address in the form-mail may have changed. I sent a test message via the form but have yet to receive an answer. There are of course several things I would change if I were to do it again such as increasing the width of the container and eliminating that stupid "Navigation Links" blurb. However, the real problem is that there is not enough traffic to his site. I tried google and yahoo searches and his visibility is indeed low! How do I find an SEO expert? Thanks! Alfie
  7. A few years back I did a website for an Inn in North Carolina and the client was well pleased with it. He recently called me and complained that traffic on his site had seemed to be dropping off. I did a bit of research and found that he indeed did not have a high visibility on the net. Since I am really an amateur at this I am thinking of recommending a more professional developer than me. What are the ethics involved in recommending one of you experts? Any one interested? Please IM me at daddyalfie@bellsouth.net Thanks!
  8. Kind'a thought that would be the of answer, but I was not sure. Many thanks for answering and confirming! LSW's recent GOOGLE links were very informative! Any information how YAHOO works that you, or anyone knows of? Love yous guys! (And I'm not even from "New Yawk", I'm Swedish. ((But living in the good ol' U.S of A!))) Alfie
  9. A few years back I did a website and in my innocence used "LongIsland" as my preferred type font for my <h1> tags, followed by "Times New Roman" and sans-serif. Recently my client called me and said his web traffic had seemed to drop off. Could this have any bearing on anything? (I will refer him to Kyle's recent topic re: Google ratings.) Thanks! Alfie
  10. I recently had a client in Latvia who wanted a museum quality reproduction of one of my paintings he had seen on my website. The reproduction cost about $200 and I only charged $50 for my troubles. Paypal worked extremely well and he payed up front with no qualms. Other than that, like Andrea said, 1/3's is a usual method and you may have to rely on good faith and some knowledge of the client. As to legal resources, I just don't know! Maybe a call to that nations embassy would clear up any questions?
  11. Do-do do-do dodododo(Twilight zone theme.) Weird, but what you said worked wonderfully. Thanks so much! Alfie
  12. Ben! That worked perfectly! Can you explain what overflowed what? I guess I do not understand the "overflow" property. OOdles of thanks! Alfie
  13. OK! I shall try to explain my question as concisely as possible. I guess, first take a look at the page in question HERE See the yellow horizontal background stripe behind the Home/January links? I wanted to better tie in the Year 2011 with its associated months below. I added a div <div class="yellowBKG"> that encloses the "dropmenu" div, but the yellow stripe appeared behind the red Year links! In order to make it positioned correctly I had to add margin-top: 51px; in the CSS. Why oh why should that be? I know I shall make a headlong rush into a brick wall when I hear the answer which will make me feel stupid! Again! Thanks y'all! Alfie
  14. Do, please, follow Ben's advise above! The basics of HTML, CSS and php may be confusing at first, but the tutorials presented by Killersites are truly awesome! And they are cheap! I started with Stefan's tutorials some five years ago. He led me by the nose, and before I knew it, he had me doing credible websites. I still consider myself as a rank amateur, compared to most of the pros who frequent this site (Like Ben.), but the knowledge base you will find herein is invaluable. NO FOOLING! Creativity will have to come from within yourself however. Best of luck! Alfie
  15. Billyboy I miss you! You were the sternest and most exacting teacher I ever had! (except perhaps LSW. - - - Well all of you!) You scolded me when I needed spanking. You guided me when I was clueless. And I loved your stern avatar. Hope you are well. Alfie BTW! Welcome back MAC!
  16. DUH!!! And then float the girl left. Thanks Virtual! (I feel SCHTOOPID!)
  17. Hold on there! Unless you have a brilliant answer NEVER MIND! I have the beginnings of an answer myself. It has to do with my trying to combine the #banner .nav into one CSS statement. Alfie
  18. Hi! HERE is the beginnings of a website I am working on. The "banner" at the top is one graphics file and the cartoon girl is another file I have positioned with a negative margin-top so as to have her overlap on purpose. Now, see the menu at the bottom? How can I shift that up to fall within the bottom mauve band of the banner? I have tried margins and z-index. I suspect it may be a floating issue or solution, but how? Thanks dudes and dudesses Alfie
  19. WOW! I posted this only 30 minutes ago, and here you are with awesome replies! You guys must be as occupied with trivia as I am! Many thanks for your inputs! Alfie
  20. We are now trying the Pay Pal route. It is actually quite simple if you have an account. I have not yet heard back from the customer, but will post here if I have further information. Thanks for your thoughts! Alfie
  21. Not sure how appropriate this is to this particular forum genre, but here goes... How creative with typography fonts can you be in web design? There are oodles of fonts available from sources like "MS Word". But how do we know what is supported by current web browsers? Any clues? Thanks! Alfie
  22. Nice website Andrea. I see no color anomalies on my monitor. I say go with it as is! Alfie
  23. Here's a quandary! I received an overseas telephone call from a person in Latvia. He is interested in buying a (digital) copy of a painting I have made that is displayed on my website. I can have the painting professionally scanned on to disk locally. How do I get paid? Should I insist on "money in hand" before proceeding? He seems to be a legitimate individual with a professional looking website. Are there such things as "International Money Orders"? I'm sure there must be some such! Any Ideas / inputs greatly appreciated! Alfie
  24. Well! The sample you showed us has a lot of JavaScript for its functionality. It seems to me that if you want just a single product site, you need nothing more than just basic HTML and some CSS to style it. Just a thought. Alfie
  25. God's speed Kyle! May you soar higher than your expectations!
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