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    How do I get Lorem ipsum in Sublime Text?

  2. nshep

    Your favorite book?

    I am currently reading Ilium by Dan Simmons.
  3. nshep

    LMS-Type Website Development

    If you are willing to go the WordPress route, there are a number of LMS plugins for these purposes.
  4. “It’s perfectly fine to be a Redditor with a website, it’s not okay to be a website with a Reddit account.” Reddit doesn't like spam. They expect you to be a valuable member of the community first and promote yourself second. Way second. If you are very obviously only on the platform to get traffic to your site, you will be shunned and downvoted very quickly. So, you have to be smart about it. If you are planning to use Reddit as a source of traffic, be sure to do your research first and develop a plan.
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    That would have been my point exactly.
  6. nshep

    Beginner's favor! I need experts feedback!

    Looks pretty good to me, congrats! In the desktop version, the only thing I don't like is the top menu. It reminds me of web design in the late 90s. That and the fact that the header background and hero image don't go too well together. Weirdly, when I look at your site in responsive design mode inside my browser, it looks completely messed up. On the other hand, on my phone, it looks fine. If I were you I would quickly check the site on different devices and different browsers to make sure it looks good everywhere. Personally, I would also make the button for the Facebook Messenger a little smaller but my smartphone has a small screen so it could be that it's fine on other devices. So, overall, I would say well done.
  7. nshep


    What are you building the website with? Are you hand-coding or using a CMS?