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  1. Hello there TwoCats I'm not sure I've ever used z-indexes before for anything other than a sort of make believe website. I used to try to mimic other peeps's websites using my own markup and trying to dip in and out of resources online and offline to match what was in my mind as to how to do this without pinching the actual code for it. LOL I only ever created 2 meaningful websites — one for me and one for a friend. Though, I had to put their one to sleep a few years ago. LOL I was quite lucky with floats, as long as I didn't use a footer. I used to like nesting divs and creating 'du
  2. Hi there, TwoCats — Framesets, eh? Yeah, they were a thing once, so much so I decided to tackle them before moving on to tables. I've still got something like an 'internal frameset' on my old and knackered website, but I've forgotten what they're called. LOL I really believe you should one day aim for Python, as it's the thing for game development, robotics and well, mostly everything. Though, it probably doesn't compare with the likes of Java, of which I know next to nothing about. Erm, it's going to take me a long whiles to get back into this stuff as I'm still in full-time employment.
  3. Hey, thanks! I'd like to think I will be blasting a path through these forums, but I know while I'm still employed as a postman I gets very little time these days to pick up on what I left back in the days of table-based (steam powered) websites. LOL It's good to be back, Stef.
  4. Hello TwoCats All my experience went down the pan years ago — silly mail job. Anyway, like you, I've paid for one of Stefan's courses hoping to resurrect my passion of web page building. When I first started, I did it not for a job, but for wanting to show everyone how great my Real Basic programming skills were. Er, which were pretty awful. I realised I wanted to get further into framesets, tables and other cool things which are far from cool these days. LOL I reckon you've got the same passion as I once had. Only it's got more revs than mine ever had. Good luck with whatever comes you
  5. Hi there fellow killers. I'm not really new here. I've just been away an awful long time and have forgotten mostly everything about web page building. I'm an old dog wanting to re-learn new tricks. Trouble is, I'm still in full time employment which has over many years been getting steadily harder to follow my passion of moving markup around, mostly to see what it does. Those days are over, as they are regarded as old school ideas. So I'm here to re-learn. But I won't be able to progress quickly as my job is even more demanding these days. I'm hoping to retire around about this time next
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