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  1. would be nice if we had a React Native app developing course for donkeys like me and some pro templates as well from where to start in our career as freelancers not being afraid that we use not secure code so much! Maybe a members only area, paid, to take little bit of pressure from Stef
  2. Stef, please download your source code and check it again, maybe my php version is doing some other things than it should or maybe I have a virus on my laptop. Please let me know if it works fine. My php version is "PHP Version 7.2.15-0ubuntu0.18.04.2". My Ubuntu OS sends me messages every time I turn it on System Error or so. Please see the attached source file. (not modified at all) It seems I can`t reply to this post anymore...
  3. a course on mobile apps would be nice! let us know if you have something new for us!
  4. i am interested, specially in mobile app development that can connect websites to mobile and more
  5. 1. I tried it and the appearance errors are gone BUT 2.the main problem is if you type line by line all the lines in the video the program does not save the data entered when I disable javascript. 3. I tried the source code and I have same issues, maybe there is an error or php version is outdated? ( I use the latest version of php on a Ubuntu laptop)
  6. on 1st course: Form validation with PHP and JavaScript, 3rd video where it begins PHP from validation it seems in the video form.php and contact.php are not connected ( no link from form.php to contact.php). It sais : Notice: undefined variable: error in /var/www/html on line and we have a number there I could cover the errors with if and isset but I doubt that the values will fave a null value next time I complete the form again. Please advice. I watched the videos all day long and could not figure out what I should do. Tried to put an include in form.php but no luck and contact.php has no "error" variable
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