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  1. Basic knowledge of web development ( HTML and CSS ) is not enough to apply for jobs. If you have design skills ( Raster or Vector graphic skills - Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel etc.. ) than you can try. But you really need to be above average player in that area. Than maybe you have some chances at Freelancing. You will need to google for specific area you are interested with... My suggestion: finish web development course till the end and than you will have better field of view...
  2. http://javascriptbook.com/ http://javascriptbook.com/about/ This is really the best one i can suggest to you - easy to read... i also suggest HTML&CSS book from them... Search Amazon or eBay - maybe you can also find used one...
  3. Finally i can say that i found a home - this community... So I am 32 y old junior web developer that bumped into many walls and obstructions and never got full commitment to start freelancing career. Since 2002 I am working with computers. Started as Computer Repairs guy in neighborhood installing Windows XP ( cracked one ) for a 10$ price. Yea in Croatia it was not a problem to use Torrents and enjoy the world of stolen software Well in my Country it was hard to find a work in IT, and because i needed to bring food to my family i started working as a Heavy Truck Driver. I now liv
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