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  1. You are going to need those API keys from Facebook etc, no matter what plugin you choose to use. So I think that you should keep the plugin and go through the process of getting the keys. If you don''t like the plugin and you are looking for a better paid one https://wordpress.org/plugins/oa-social-login/, I have used this one and really feature rich.
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    Glad I could help
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    I found this link, https://briangardner.com/add-widget-area-site-header/ maybe it will help. But I have a question, how it this section created, if it's a slider you could add the text without an extra sidebar
  4. Yeah MSN45, that's a good point, if you have unused plugins or themes, you can just delete them from Wp-Admin.
  5. I would recommend you a good plugin for improving WP Security, something that would prevent malicious code from being uploaded to the server, but I don't know any free ones, that impresesssed me. If you work with Wordpress a lot I recommend that you get a WPMU Dev subscription, they have a lot of great plugins. For security https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/wp-defender/ .
  6. Hi I clicked the link but it redirects me to the 404 page. Here is a list of the stock wordpress file https://core.trac.wordpress.org/browser/trunk/src. The files from wp-includes, I am pretty sure you can just delete them. Your site content and theme are stored in wp-content. If you don't have experience with WP developement, I recommend that you install this plugin and run a full scan https://ro.wordpress.org/plugins/wordfence/. If you still want to upload the code to this forum just upload the files to your Google Drive, make them public and put the link in this thread, so that we can take a look.
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