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  1. Hi tef,


    Can you kindly respond to my thread. It is an interesting topic.



  2. Any chance I can point you to a link (through PM) that will reveal to you my trade secret a little so that you can better come to a conclusion whether I'd be a target or not by hackers & online thieves ? I don't want to publicly mention the link here as I don't want other programmers copying my idea. I tried PMing you but this forum is not showing the PM page.

    1. administrator


      I wouldn't want to be responsible for anything, so if you send me your link you have to first to agree to clear me of any and all responsibility forever. 

      That said, I don't need to see it. If you have an idea, you will have to get it out at some point and if it is good, you will have to deal with copycats. The key is to release it when it is ready and have a good marketing plan in place.


    2. saversites


      Mr Stef,

      How can I mssg you in private ?


    3. administrator


      No simple functions to handle all this network traffic sniffing and filtering. 

      Look into PHP IO functions. I haven't used PHP do you this sort of thing.


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