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About Me

Former accessibility advocate, accessible web developer & active poster in KS from early on. Analyst/Programmer IV with the State's Retirement Division who avoids computers as much as possible.


I'm now into things like Native American culture, carving, beading and leather work. I am also learning the language of my ancestors, Bodéwadmimwen (Potawatomie) & Tlinget of our local Alaskan natives.


"There is no such thing as 'part-Cherokee.' Either you're Cherokee or you're not.

It isn't the quantity of Cherokee blood in your veins that is important, but the quality of

it . . . your pride in it. I have seen full-bloods who have virtually no idea of the great

legacy entrusted to their care. Yet, I have seen people with as little as 1/500th blood

quantum who inspire the spirits of their ancestors because they make being Cherokee a proud part of a their everyday life."


~Jim Pell: Principal Chief of the North Alabama Cherokee Tribe ~