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About Me

It was a long time ago, towards the end of the last millennium. Dinosaurs roamed the earth, and nobody had even heard of an iPhone. Only few are left from those days, and even fewer still remember. It was during those days when the guy who maintained the website of the church I used to attend moved away. I never liked that site - it was gloomy, the paragraphs had no spaces, and text ran on and on. And I had seen that IE (probably 5 or even less) under the 'File' button, offered the feature to 'Edit Website with Word' - I had no idea whatsoever about webdesign, but I do know MS Word! So I told the good folks at the church that I would like to take over the website, and they let me.


It took only a few days for me to figure out that Word wasn't exactly the best tool for webdesign. Actually, it's probably one of the worst, and after a brief 'Oh Crap - what did I get myself into?'-moment, I started reading HTML tutorials. My first websites were frame-based, had all kinds of crazy fonts and colors, sounds, and animated graphics (think: mailbox sticking out tongue) - they contained all the horrors of early webdesign.


I stumbled upon LSW/Kyle in some MS Groups forum, and through him somehow ended up on Killersites back in 2003. That's when I started hearing about web standards and validating code and first learned positioning with CSS.


I'm still here, I'm still designing websites, and I'm still having loads of fun.

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