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  1. Thanks, Eric. I tried that at one point, and it didn't work... #leftnav li a#our-classes { color:#fff; }
  2. I know this is easy, but for some reason, I can't get it. How can I override the font color in this menu for specific ID's? In other words, I have a #leftnav ul. I'm going to target some of the items by ID and change their colors. The new ID is in bold below. Nothing I do changes the color. I can make it bold, italicized, etc., but I can't change the color. :/ #leftnav { list-style:none; font-family:Georgia, "Times New Roman", serif; font-size:1.4em; margin:0px 0 0 20px; padding-top:20px; } #leftnav li { display:block; padding:8px 0; background:url(images/left-dots.png) 0 30px no-repeat; } #leftnav li a, #leftnav li a:visited { text-decoration:none; color:#000; } #leftnav li a:focus, #leftnav li a:hover, #leftnav li a:active { text-decoration:none; color:#87277b; } #leftnav li#our-classes { color:#fff; }
  3. I can't have an iPhone. We have Verizon because it's the only carrier that actually has service in my husband's building at work!
  4. Do you mean you have a drop down menu? You would just need some jquery. There are many plugins and options out there. Superfish is what I'm using...
  5. I've got this one worked out, as well. Thanks, guys! (The client decided to just simply forward the small domain website to the large domain website and keep all the emails at the smaller domain host.)
  6. In addition to Thelma's suggestion, you might want to google something like "social networking software". It is an ambitious goal for a beginner, but if you are committed, I'm sure you'll learn lots! Maybe you'll want to start off with a website and then add a forum? And then down the road add more of the social networking components? Either way you choose to tackle it, let us know if you have questions!
  7. Thanks for the links, John. This particular website is done and they approved what I did with the logo, so I'm good now. Thanks!
  8. http://www.genbook.com/ http://www.google.com/enterprise/marketplace/viewListing?productListingId=3852479+2461279969883990014
  9. I thought the 2 benefits of wrapping the logo in an h1 were these: 1. If someone has images disabled, they will still see an emphasized title of the site. 2. Having the name of the business in the h1 increases optimization. Apparently I was taught wrong (and I learned it all right here at KS)? :/
  10. I didn't realize there was a debate about this. I just thought that it was right to wrap the logo in an h1 and have been doing so on my sites. Hmmm... I look forward to hearing more about this.
  11. How do you guys suppose they've done this with the google map? I have searched, but I don't know what terms to use because I am not coming up with anything. http://cli.gs/AEMesH
  12. Susie

    JQuery and CSS

    I just ran across this: http://www.webresourcesdepot.com/sliding-top-menu-with-jquery/ The page stays in place while the slider opens up on top.
  13. I use google apps myself. I didn't think to suggest that to my client. Hmmm...
  14. He's already paying for 2 hosts. It's kind of weird the way he's got things set up. I came on the scene after this was all done. But we still have the issue of the website being hosted on one host through the actual developer. I don't think they'll release the website files to be hosted on another server and if my client hosts his emails through them, he only gets 10. Anyway, I went ahead and told him that it's doable, so that's the extent of my involvement.
  15. Don't get me started. If he switches the short domain to where the long domain is being hosted, then he only gets 10 email addresses and he needs way more than 10. I have a hard time keeping up, myself. :cool:
  16. It's a very long story. lol It's for a client of mine. He has a website on a really long domain name. He had me set him up with a shorter domain name that he uses for emails. Now he wants the longer domain to be switched to the shorter domain. But the longer domain website was created by some other company and they won't let him have more than 10 emails. So, he wants the short domain to go with the website by the other company but keep the emails with the one I set up for him. Are you confused yet?
  17. Can anyone save me from going on a wild goose chase? Do you guys know if there's a way to host a domain's email on one shared server and the actual website on a different shared server (two separate companies)?
  18. Susie

    JQuery and CSS

    Sure! I don't know about keeping it on top of the page rather than scooting the page down, though.
  19. Susie

    JQuery and CSS

    I've seen that effect before when searching for "jquery accordion".
  20. The validator isn't liking that you have two ID with similar names, I think. Order Flowers Online Weddings Corporate Sympathy Contact Us How To Find Us and perhaps? Personally, I would rename the div to something more meaningful...maybe . And I don't know why you need the ID's on those li's. I would first take those ID's off and see if that doesn't help matters. And you have a leftover border="0" on one of your images. Taking care of those should fix your HTML validation issues. For your CSS error, I would see if removing border-top:none; from #content fixes it. Either remove that line altogether or put 0 instead of none. And finally, I'm not sure if all those spaces in your CSS would cause issues or not, but you might want to get into the practice of writing things like this (float: right;) instead of this (float : right;) Oh, one more thing...I would also get into the habit of using all lower case in your HTML. You have a lot of instead of .
  21. Hi there, I get a 403 error when visiting your link. Can you verify that it's correct and we'll take a look?
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