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  1. Is Javascript the same as Action Script? I have a Action Script book kicking around that I could use to help me understand behaviors.



    As was said before, Actionscript is different, but they are both based on the same language, so learning Actionscript will help you with Javascript and vice versa.


    You can learn basic Actionscript 2 here: www.killeractionscript.com


    And you can learn the basics of Javascript here: Javascript Tutorial



  2. Thank you, Steph! The new forum looks great and is very easy to navigate! Keep up the good work!! :D


    We are working on a bunch of new additions/updates to killersites.com that are still yet to come. The forum was just one step in the process ... and we aren't finished with it yet!




    Thanks for the kinds remarks.



  3. I believe you should be one step ahead and have your all your dedicated forums set up so it will not be a hassle later on.


    Adding new forums later on is really no big deal. Let's try the basic categories first and then see how the post flow.



  4. We could have a general CMS/Blogs forum under "Web Design" but I think that separate forums for each major CMS or Blog would be overkill.


    I would have to agree. I think until we see a lot of interest in a particular CMS, I am inclined to have only a Blogs/CMS forum. But, with the exception of Wordpress because of the videos we have on Wordpress .. with more coming out soon.


    Now, I am not sure about the following:


    - Tips and Tricks

    - HTML/CSS layouts


    ... Should these be separate forums or combined into one?


    I just want to make two general points about the forums:


    1. You never want a dead/empty forum.

    2. I have deleted dead and empty forums in the past. You have to move slowly when coming out with new forums.



  5. Hi,


    First, I moved this to the Javascript forum because this is all about Javascript. But it is also a little about Dreamweaver because you are using Dreamweaver generated Javascript code.




    You have to call both functions in the same event-handler. An example of an even-handler is:




    An example of a function is:




    So in your case, you would have:


    onClick="MM_showHideLayers('pic2','','show'); MM_showHideLayers('pic','','hide')"


    Now, did you notice the semicolon between the function names?




    That is like a period between sentences. You need to add that if you are calling/using multiple functions with a single event. In this case, the event was: onClick.


    I hope that helps,



  6. Thanks Stef, I'm sure this forum will be as successful than the last one, probably more so.


    Ahh ... I will grab something I just wrote in the admin board that will address this issue:





    I'm really leaning heavily to adding a whole new social networking component to the site.


    Why? It has hit home how much of a 'club-house' this place has become. And I think more freedom for people to create their own 'spaces' on the site might be a good thing.


    So, I am thinking of a professional social network of web designers, web programmers, graphic designers, flash experts etc ... could be useful to the group as a whole. I have worked with members of this board over the years (and they have been great) and I think if we could put together a larger group of web professionals, we could all benefit.


    Think about it, if you KNEW a few web designers, maybe a couple of Flash experts, PHP programmers etc .. you could pool resources on contracts and projects and it will probably lead to new contracts and work for everyone, if you want it.


    ... You will more likely know and trust these people, because they will be part of the network .. they will be people you've 'seen' around, people you will be familiar with.


    I'm sure we all trust our established members here, and would rather work with them than some guy over the Web.




    Anyway, I am really leaning to put this in place in January sometime.



  7. You're right - they were often used just to drop links. It never bothered me when regulars did that, but there were too many newbies posting stuff like "Good Idea" (to a post that was 5 years old) and then drop 5 URLS in their 'signature' line.


    Yea. I used to spend time cleaning this up too - I still do. It's a real pain in the butt.


    I guess most of the members (who are not moderators) don't see how we toil in the background, to keep the boards clean.



  8. I removed the signatures because they used to bother me in the old forum for two reasons:


    1. They invited more spammers.

    2. They cluttered the board's post.


    If people want to reach you directly, they can just click on your user name to get to your profile page.



  9. You can also set it up for Admins and Mods only too.


    Good idea. Just created it.


    I made it accessible to advanced members for now until we can work out the moderator details ...


    Oh...and are you going to apply a short description of each forum?


    Sure. Just have to get around to it.



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