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  1. Hi,

    For people new to the subject, here are the 4 online marketing methods you have at your disposal:

    1. Content marketing: Writing articles, making video and podcasts.
    2. Social media marketing: Instagram, twitter etc ... Both paid and organic.
    3. Google ads.
    4. Email marketing.

    What method you use, or combination of methods, depends on your skills, time and target market.







  2. 15 hours ago, EpicCareerChangeR said:

    I finished the python course. Stefan is a very good teacher. I really enjoyed it.

    Glad to hear it!

    I would do the Foundations courses in the web dev course and then do a refresher in the Python. You will move quick because it gets easier as you go.


  3. On 11/28/2020 at 7:24 PM, derekweaver said:

    Thought that perhaps it was because the tif files had layers, so I flattened them. That still did not help.

    You can't use .TIF in web page. Your options are jpg, gif or png. PNG is the most advanced image format / type. 

    You have to convert your tif files in an image editor ... you simply cannot just change the file extension. 

    Makes sense?

  4. I made very, very sure that the code works in all my courses. In fact, you can see it working in the videos. 😀

    So if you are reading this and hitting a bump in your nerd-learning road, just keep going ... it will all workout. 

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