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  1. I think he actually wants to code it himself. Getting a theme doesn't teach you very much.
  2. Yeah I personally find it very confusing and I think their is quite a grey area. I don't see anything about either tags that could break your code used improperly alone, but having valid code is an important asset to being a professional. I might play around with some scenarios and use a code validator.
  3. I looked into use of <article> & <section> tags and I understand that article represents more general areas such as a parallax scroll image div, and the section may represent overlaying text on the image
  4. Thanks for bringing up the article tag. I will definitely look into that.
  5. I am building a new portfolio website, something clean and compemporary. Any suggestions or feedback? http://chasemorgan.co/project/new
  6. I am confused on what catagory of programming PHP falls under. I have had people tell me it is Backend and others tell me it is Front-End Server Side programming, or is there a difference? Thanks!
  7. Hello everyone, This is my first post on these forums I am amazed by the amount of support and great constructive construction going on. Anyways, I am designing a sleek & cleen login page design and am brainstorming some more content I could add to tie it all together. Login Page: http://chasemorgan.co/project/login Before I go any further, what do you think about the off center design, I keep going back and forther between it and fully centered design so maybe you can provide some insight on that. I am thinking I will add a simple footer at the bottom with a slightly light
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