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  1. Hello, Im trying to make a banner 970 x 90 a standard slider size. What I would like to do and what all I can retain at this point seems to be overwhelming at times. I simply want 3 buttons to all act the same and don't see in my code where they do, my third buttons alpha doesn't get affected by a rollover. I need the first button to display an image that when mouse over will spin. This image is in my library, how do I designate it as a mc from only actionscript and when doing so make it interactive so that the image (myLogo.rotation = 90 degrees). I would also like to make another image fade in with a tween. image = PsLogo with tween alpha until solid image. Like a fade in. The third button I would like to redirect someone to a page via a URL link. I will take any advice, Im not just looking for the correct code but to understand what ive done wrong and haven't done. I am a student and have an A grade in the 4th week but found myself a couple weeks behind on understanding all the readings. thanks for reading this far here is my code import flash.display.Sprite; import flash.text.TextFormat; import flash.text.TextField; import flash.display.Sprite; import flash.events.MouseEvent; //container var container:Sprite = new Sprite () addChild(container); for (var i:int = 0; i<3; i++) { //create the background shape for our buttons var btnBg:Shape = new Shape(); //use the lineStyle method to set the line thickness and color //we are also setting an alpha of 50% and turning pixel hinting on btnBg.graphics.lineStyle(3, 0xf0ff00, .5, true); //use the beginFill method to fill the shape with the specified color btnBg.graphics.beginFill(0x000000); //use the drawRoundRect method to draw a rounded rectangle which has //six parameters, listed in order of appearance: x, y, width, height, //ellipse width, and ellipse height (for the rounded corners) btnBg.graphics.drawRoundRect(300,80, 70, 30, 10, 10); //use the endFill method to end the fill of the shape btnBg.graphics.endFill(); //create our new font object var btnFont = new Font1(); //Create a new TextField object; var titleTxt:TextField = new TextField ; //create a new TextFormat object var btnFormat:TextFormat = new TextFormat(); //set the font objects as the font for our TextFormat object btnFormat.font = btnFont.fontName; //set the properties for the text format object btnFormat.size = 10; btnFormat.align = "center"; btnFormat.color = 0xf0ff00; //create a new TextField object var btnTxt:TextField = new TextField; //set our TextFormat objects as the format for our TextField btnTxt.defaultTextFormat = btnFormat; btnTxt.embedFonts = true; //set the text field properties btnTxt.width = 65; btnTxt.height = 20; btnTxt.y = 85; btnTxt.x = 300; //create a new instance of our button each time the loops runs //the buttons will be encased in a sprite display object container var myBtn:Sprite = new Sprite(); //create an array to hold our button labels var btnLabels:Array = ["Azakel", "Pandemic", "Medium"]; //create an array to hold our buttons which we will create in the following loop var btnArray:Array = new Array(); //set the sprite to act like a button myBtn.buttonMode = true; //make sure the children of the sprite are not actively listening for events myBtn.mouseChildren = false; //add our new button to th display list addChild(myBtn); //position the button in a horizontal line myBtn.y = 100; myBtn.x = 25 + (i*85); //add the background shape to the button display container object myBtn.addChild(btnBg); //populate the button's text field with the new name btnTxt.text = btnLabels; //add our TextField to the display list myBtn.addChild(btnTxt); //add event listeners to our buttons myBtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, btnHandler); myBtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, btnHandler); myBtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT, btnHandler); btnArray.push(myBtn); } //multiple event function for our buttons function btnHandler(event:MouseEvent):void { //check to see if this is a mouse click event if (event.type == MouseEvent.CLICK) { var j:int=container.numChildren; //remove the page contents each time a menu button is pressed while (j--) { trace('before: '+container.numChildren); container.removeChildAt(j); trace('after :'+container.numChildren); } } if(event.target==btnArray[0]) {//if first button in the array } else if (event.target == btnArray[1]){//else if second button }else if (event.target == btnArray[2]) { //else if third //check to see if this is a roll over event }else if (event.type == MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER) { //change the alpha of the button to create a roll over effect event.target.alpha = .7; } //check to see if this is a roll out event else if (event.type == MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT) { //change the alpha of the button back to its original state event.target.alpha = 1; } } notes: once I press a button I would like what that button shows to stay and not be removed. thanks Kelly
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