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    Thanks, after all it was the <style> included in the stylesheet, like you said. Solved.
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    Uk based, tired of the day job driving an 18 wheeler, I've been seeking to improve my dev skills for quite some time. Hoping to get into freelance or maybe a clean finger nail job. Whilst I find Stef's youtube videos highly entertaining - I've not followed any of the advice therein. Whatever the opposite of learning on a need to nerd basis is that's me. Course after course rabbit hole after rabbit hole if there's an obscure tech stack to learn I'm on it. I love thyme leaf. Recently picked up the freelancer course going to try to follow some of the advice therein. Anyway great to see I'll have a lot of freelance competitors when I finally get going but hopefully I'll find some collaborators too.
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    your style sheet should not have this syntax: <style> </style> just do it like this: body { background: url("images/background-forum.jpg"); } and include it in your html head: <link href="pathTo/style.css" media="all" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
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    Hi All, My name is eyarie and i just bought the freelancer course. Hope to get to know you all better as we share ideas and help each other on the journey of learning new skills. @StefanMishook, i have been following your videos on youtube for some time now. You are the real deal. Thanks for this product and all the quality advise you give newbies like me.
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    Hello Stefan. Greetings from Tasmania. Same as others above. I have already sent email. :) Please note email was from my gmail, the email associated with purchase was my hotmail however, I mentioned that in the gmail email though. (That doesn't read to well but it will make sense when you see your email) . I am liking what I have seen so far.This is off topic now but I am getting quite excited at future possibilities once I know what I am doing. I am disabled and I can really see how its possible for me to develop my own physical control systems that will give me more independence and more to the point completely customisable solutions for others.