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    Hi there This is a question I just posted on Stefan's Youtube site and seeing as I and have just joined the forum I thought it would be a good idea to post it here too: Your web design course is the best I've tried by far. I am still working through the front-end parts but looming large are the back-end parts to the course. With this in mind, I have a question that you have touched upon in earlier Youtube videos but since the developer world moves so fast maybe it is worth asking this (again) in late 2017. The big choice to make for starting developers is the server language and it seems that at the end of 2017 there are 3 big players: 1. PHP 2. Javascript(nodeJS) and 3. Python(Django). Picking between these is really difficult because: 1. PHP was and still is the most popular (70% of small/medium websites) and it has Wordpress tied up. It is also on your course so I feel like I will fully understand it BUT most if not all bootcamps seem to be pushing nodeJS and a lot of Vloggers, other than yourself suggest that full-stack will eventually move entirely to javascript. Do you think this is true? And if so how soon will nodeJS start to dominate? 2. Learning nodeJs means that a new developer only has to learn one language and therefore it seems a win-win. So are there any issues/problems about this that a new developer should be aware of? 3. Python is everywhere: web development , AI, machine learning, internet of things, kids programming etc. So even though it is a less popular back-end language than PHP and maybe nodeJS, learning it seems like a good investment. What is the future of Python on the web? I would love to hear anyones thoughts on this. (Just realised this should probably be in the web development section - sorry!) Joe Show less REPLY
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