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  3. Good afternoon everyone, I was working with the PHP x MySQL course and noticed that if you change the root password from default 'root' to your own unique password. it automatically locks you out. I already am aware some may read this and think why not just leave it like that then change it later for production; that is the catch-22 of this situation. Because if you just go with the flow of it, you are setting yourself up for problems that could arise from any rootkits hidden on your computer that inject malware and trigger DDoS at any moment. I'm still trying to pinpoint but google has a great consistency of ensuring to send you down as many rabbit holes as possible. So because I was so frustrated looking for answers, I felt it was necessary to step away and get back to what I know. I tried installing Workbench, but for some reason it does not let you connect to 3306, so I tried changing that by reinstalling and reconfigured the port and the x-protocol port. But when I tried that, MySQL would still be attempting to connect to 3306. Then on top of all of this, MongoDB/Mongoose are having similar issues. When I would try to create a cluster on atlas and use the provided connection-string ALONG with setting my user, password, and made sure I whitelisted my IP. Then I would run a script to connect, then i get prompted to make sure my ip is on the whitelist page on my atlas. Please if anyone has encountered these issues, I'd pay for the answer because all of this is preventing me from being able to complete projects, because without a database then I'd onl be forced to make simple apps that do not require a database. And when you are striving to enter this career you have to use databses. SQL being most important for employment, but this issue is preventing me from working with it. If I have to pay extra for the answer let me know so we can work something out! Thank you and God bless all of you! Have a splendid day!
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  5. An extension for Sublime Text 2 and 3! It allows you to Insert Lorem Ipsum in the editor via menu items or keyboard shortcut. Select how much text you want from the menu item in Edit->Text->Lorem Ipsum or on the right click menu in Lorem Ipsum Just press the shortcut key (Alt+Shift+L) to add Lorem Ipsum text.
  6. It was very informative article! Thanks for sharing such useful information for the beginner πŸ˜€πŸš€πŸ’»
  7. Hi! If you just subscribed to the mentorship program with me, be sure to create a forum user account here, and send it to me via email. This way I can hook you up with the private community. Stef
  8. I believe PHP installed in my Linux distribution with Apache.
  9. Sometimes, when you hit the coding wall. Time to take a day off.
  10. Hi, I think I answered you via email. You have options, I would lean toward finishing the other courses.
  11. Hi, Just create blank pages and write out the code. The more code you write, the better you will be. Stef
  12. I don't know what that is! LOL!
  13. administrator


    Email me. Stefan at studioweb.com
  14. Sorry for the long delay. Short answer is yes. ... Junior level, but yes.
  15. A subfolder is similar to a subdomain in that it allows you to create categories of content, but they are set up differently on servers. Unlike subdomains, there is no server partitioning involved with subfolders A subfolder is housed on the same server and any of its link juice goes back to the domain.
  16. Rashad, If you are part of my mentoring group be sure to go to the private club there.
  17. Sure. Did you join the private mentoring club on the forum? If so, that is the best place to post. Let me know! Stef
  18. Hello everyone! My name is Rashad, i'm a recently divorced(7/29/20, it was very tough) father of three teenage boys. I'm here to learn to start a new career and hopefully it gives me more financial freedom and the ability to start a new chapter in my life. I'm really excited and it is wonderful to meet all of you. Thank you for having me.
  19. RichardE


    Hi Stef. What's the best and fastest way to contact you?
  20. Hey Everyone, I'm RisaπŸ˜ƒ and I'm new on the block. I have a copywriting, SEO and UX writing background and a bit of UI design. However, I came across coding a few weeks ago and immediately fell in love. After scoring Youtube for numerous hours I finally came across Stef's course and decided to sign up. Stef, I completed the first part of the course and I'm currently working through the HTML portion. Is it possible to use ATOM.IO for my code editor? Thanks, Risa
  21. This is called internationalization ... there are different approaches. Long subject. But if it is simple site, having a sub domain is a viable option. I would treat these as product skus on the same site.
  22. I have two or three question which I believe the answers will be found in the which one should I use type. The first is a website that uses two different languages (Brazilian Portuguese and American English). The customers for each language will be particular to that geographic region. Subdomain or sub-folder? The second question is this is a multi-vendor site with cosmetic products, and I'm using Dokan. No problem so far. But hang on. The problem being solved is Beauty Salon's closed due to Covid-19. These shops sell cosmetic products and services (nails, massage, hair styling, etc...). So on the one hand you have cosmetic products and the other hand you have services bookings.Dokan does both, but I don't know if it can handle the two in one main domain. Subdomain or sub-folder? Let's take this one step further. Some shops want to do in-home service, say an in-home aroma therapy. Now we're talking about plugins that seem to be more suited to home delivery, like coming to your home to fix a plumbing problem. Subdomain or sub-folder? Thanks in advance...Scott
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