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  3. danieldixon

    Killersites Video Blog – The Future of PHP

    Hi @jodygrenier, Great post video and thanks for sharing your video it will be useful for me. your i will be use here Top PHP Trends in 2018. Regards, Daniel.
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  5. danieldixon

    Use Of Cms Icons On Website.

    Most will be kept running from either a CMS, with a distributing motor; or through a custom stage, that pulls information from a storehouse (e.g. a database). The measurements are good for nothing, on the grounds that exclusive the "basic" CMS will have simple fingerprints. In case you're utilizing a proficient framework, and think about the subsequent HTML, you won't let the name (or indications) of a particular CMS channel through to your genuine pages. What's more, if it's custom, or if nothing else a custom front-end, no bot or crawler will have the capacity to tell what's running it precisely. if you want build website you can visit here php developer london HTH! Regards, Daniel
  6. UPDATE: I have received the email and now have access to the video courses. Still waiting to get my login info solved for the project site but I'm sure that will get solved soon as well.
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  8. Hi, I just purchased the IWD course and was wondering how long it will take before I receive a login email or have access to the course videos. Thanks! Thai
  9. danieldixon

    Php Framework Vs Cms

    I would like to answer the question A CMS Content Magagement System is used to manage content on a website. It usually provides tools to make this task as easy as possible. Examples of CMSes: Drupal, Joomla, DotNetNuke etc. A framework is like a set of libraries / classes to build a web application. Many frameworks provide libraries for database access, templating engines etc. This way, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. A CMS is often build upon a Framework. Examples of frameworks: CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Kohana, Laravel development, Zend. You can take information according web design or development please check here php developer london. HTH! Regards, Daniel
  10. LSW

    Patch Tuesday Updates (Windows)

    Adobe Releases Security Patch Updates For 112 Vulnerabilities https://thehackernews.com/2018/07/adobe-patch-update-july.html
  11. LSW

    Patch Tuesday Updates (Windows)

    Patch Tuesday came again, time to update your PC: Microsoft Releases Patch Updates for 53 Vulnerabilities In Its Software https://thehackernews.com/2018/07/microsoft-security-patch-update.html
  12. Daniel - This question was from 2009. My guess it is no longer an issue or the person know this stuff by now.
  13. danieldixon

    Wordpress or Static HTML Sites?

    Hi, HTML is Hypertext Markup Language that helps you build web pages and it takes a vital role in front end designing. It gives you the skeletal structure to your web page. Static HTML pages are very simple pages that show the same result what you gave, to everyone without any discrimination at any time you reach the page. Along with HTML, you will be needing CSS to add texture and color tone to your website and also with my dearest foe JAVA to complete your website. As you see static HTML site needs a lot of coding knowledge. Ultimately you need coding people to help you build this site. Static HTML pages have less information only, thus the server expense weighs less on your wallet. The information is stored as XML data on the server. These data are stored as a file system or in general interpretation you could say it’s stored in a database. Whenever a request is triggered these data will be fetched from the server and delivered to the user, these data can also be shown from the template of your website provided there is no change in the information. As the processing data and the request are low, static website load faster. No matter how many users reach the page simultaneously, the website will never have crash issues or DNS issues. In short blogs, landing pages and documentation pages are well and good for static HTML pages. [Deleted Link]
  14. LSW

    i need photoshop easy course

    Can't help with courses, but look for "Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks" books. Excellent resource.
  15. Nabiullah

    i need photoshop easy course

    anyone have comments.
  16. administrator

    Javascript Practise

    Please post the function code on the forum ... use the top code button ( < > ) to do it. Stef
  17. Hersarma

    Javascript Practise

    Hello all. Im trying to understand 'fuctions()' in javascript. So i made some modifications from Beginners Javascript 2015foundation ch12-lesson-1. Can you tell me pls if im going in right direction. I attach one file check it out pls. TY. ch12-lesson-1.html
  18. danieldixon

    Email Marketing Vs. Social Media

    Hi, Their comparison is an evergreen heated debate these days. Both of these have legitimate marketing goals and it is hard to find out which one is the most cost effective and productive among the two. This is where Email Marketing performs better: Reach to audience Higher Click Rate Higher Conversion Rate Better ROI This is where Social Media Marketing performs better: Higher Engagement Rate Popularity Higher Click ways for Email Conversions Branding Honest Feedback If you wanna build website you must visit here Hire PHP Developers - The Ultimate Guide TechTIQ Solutions HTH! 😊 Regards, Daniel
  19. LSW

    Hi everyone!

    Hi, good to have you. More the merrier. Cheers!
  20. LSW

    Is my data for sale?

    Mozilla and 1Password Integrate 'Have I Been Pwned' Feature https://www.databreachtoday.com/mozilla-1password-integrate-have-i-been-pwned-feature-a-11136?
  21. Hi! glad to become a mmber of this forum! cheer!
  22. Supreme Court Rules on Mobile Location Data: Get a Warrant https://www.databreachtoday.com/supreme-court-rules-on-mobile-location-data-get-warrant-a-11135
  23. administrator

    Are all objects data types or only arrays?

    All objects are datatypes. In fact, each OBJECT is it's own datatype. So when you create an object, your are creating a datatype.
  24. administrator

    Difference between IndexOf and index =

    indexOf is a function built into JavaScript that finds the position of a text in a string of text. In your example, index is just a variable.
  25. LSW

    A Trashing PHP Video

    What is a Big Mac? Is that like the Denali Mac we have here? πŸ˜‹ <?start='useless_culture_lesson'> Seriously, our McDonalds does not carry Big Macs, just Denali Macs, as in the Mountain and state park. </end> πŸ˜‚
  26. administrator

    A Trashing PHP Video

    LOL! Yea. PHP is like McDonalds ... people trash it but it is still the biggest! ... Let's be honest, Big Macs are really tasty. Stef
  27. mgreer58

    A Trashing PHP Video

    Oh, I just wanted to paste a link to this, I didn't mean to open this video. Now, I can't figure out how to delete it. I'm posting this, because it's funny. For a video that is supposed to be trashing PHP, I hear about 50% of it, really listing all of the benefits of PHP.
  28. For those of us still using Windows 7 or Office 2013, you should know that End-of-Life for these products is 2020 (Jan. 2020 for Win 7). That means after that date there will no longer be updates and patches released for them. However this month is of course the end of the Fiscal Year, so to re-allocate assets, Windows will be pulling out of support roles in things like forums next month. Help is still available as long as the programs/OS are still live, you will just have to get help from other users in places like forums. Microsoft walks away from Windows 7, Office 2013 support forums https://www.computerworld.com/article/3281044/microsoft-windows/microsoft-walks-away-from-windows-7-office-2013-support-forums.html
  29. Microsoft seems to have learned it's lesson after the slap in the face changes they hit us with a few years back with the new ribbon and all. This time rather than all changes being thrown into one surprise box new office tool, they will be phasing them in through Office 3016 and Office 365. I do not see anything to complain about right off this time, and part of the change will be an "Upcoming Changes Button" so you can see what to expect next. They are doing it much smarter and the changes for the most part seem to have mostly reason and not just change for change's sake. The article discusses the changes, but the video shows them. I am including the YouTube link from the article so you can go straight to it. YouTube: Updates to the Microsoft Office user experience BusinessInsider.com: Microsoft Office is getting a redesign β€” check out the biggest changes in the apps
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