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  4. administrator

    Suggestion: add CSS Grid and Flexbox

    Later this year, I will add a chapter on this.
  5. cherylmanve

    Suggestion: add CSS Grid and Flexbox

    Hi Bobby, What you said is correct. It is really a very nice course. I totally agree with you! CSS Grid layout can handle both columns and rows.
  6. lindagriffithh

    i need photoshop easy course

    The most important thing is to learn hot keys! My advice to you is to write them separately in a notebook, because you will easily forget them, and I have not met a separate guide on them.
  7. It's chapter 2 lesson 2 of PHP and MYSQL where we are learning to enter a data table. Towards the end there is something about turning the password on or off and I thought I turned it off but I am not sure what happened, but I got locked out of the phpMyAdmin. I deleted mamp and am going to reinstall it later today. Not sure if there was an easier way of doing that? I tried searching the internet and most fixes were for wamp files so I couldn't figure out in the mamp configuration files. Hopefully just downloading it again will fix it?
  8. Jodess

    Writing help

    Thanks for the response. Useful information, thanks! I like to write an essay, I loved to do it before, at school. My classmates always asked me to help with ideas and tasks, because I did it better than anyone. Fortunately now for students and schoolchildren everything is easier. Now for students there are many online top edu services that help them write an essay without any special problems.
  9. administrator

    Writing help

    Ai will be an assistive technology for the next many years ... not replacement. There has been a bit of hype about what Ai can do lately ... so you have to take the hype with a grain of salt.
  10. Jodess

    Writing help

    Guys, just forgive me for offtopic, but since the forum related web design, I decided to register here to ask an important question. I am writing a essay which is related to artificial intelligence and how web design will exist without human intervention.In addition to scientific data, it would be useful for me to gather the opinions in this field. I would be very grateful for any information and your thoughts.
  11. aserif

    Javascript ch7 while loop problem

    This is the output. I'm expecting it to be the same as the console output, but it isn't. In the browser it starts from --> LoopCount: 1, and in the console it starts from --> LoopCount is now: 5. It's interesting that if we put the --> inner.HTML right after the equals sign, the output is the same in the browser as well as in the console: The code: while(loopCount > 0) { var target = document.getElementById("target"); target.innerHTML = target.innerHTML + "LoopCount: " + loopCount + "<br>"; console.log("LoopCount is now: " + loopCount); console.log(target.innerHTML); loopCount = loopCount -1; } And this is the output with the updated code: I don't know how important it is for me to understand this right now. If it isn't all that big of a deal I can just forget about it, but till now everything was super easy and clear. And by the way thanks for the awesome course. U R THE MAN Steff (If it is you actually answering these questions haha). I''ve been jumping from Coursera to Udemy to FreeCodeCamp for months before I found ur videos on Youtube and consequently bought ur webstack course. Thanks again.
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  13. administrator

    Javascript ch7 while loop problem

    Hmm ... what is it you are trying to do? Can you show me the output you getting vs what you are expecting?
  14. aserif

    Javascript ch7 while loop problem

    <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <title>Ch7 JavaScript Loops</title> <!-- Nerd term: data = information. databases = bases of data, big collections information - Type of loops in JS: while, do/while, for, for/in Nerd term: evaluate the condition! --> <script> function doItAgain() { var loopCount = 3; while(loopCount > 0) { var target = document.getElementById("target"); target.innerHTML = "LoopCount " + loopCount + ' <br> ' + target.innerHTML console.log("The loopCount is now: " + loopCount); console.log(target.innerHTML); loopCount = loopCount - 1; } } </script> </head> <body> <h1>Looping can make your code spin!</h1> <input type="button" id="looper" value="Do it again!"> <p id="target"></p> <script> document.getElementById("looper").onclick=function(){ doItAgain(); this.style.color = "blue"; } </script> </body> </html> Hey Stef! He got it in the middle of the night, but l'm having trouble understanding it in the middle of the day, 3rd day in a row. Here is the HTML code. I also added a line of code --> console.log(target.innerHTML); before the --> loopCount = loopCount - 1; just so it shows it in the console as well. It seems to be the same case there, but it doesn't even get rid of the previous iteration. And it prints out the <br> as well. Thanks
  15. administrator

    Total beginner

    Start with the basics. My course package will teach you everything you need to know: https://shop.killervideostore.com/
  16. jetztgleich

    Total beginner

    Hallo, i want to design a website for my company . from where should i begin? i have no idea of designing
  17. lindagriffithh

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello! My name is Linda, I'm from the Czech Republic! I work as a freelance writer, I am also interested in programming, marketing and I love to read classical literature. I really like Stef's youtube and I hope that I can translate his ideas into reality.
  18. lindagriffithh

    Russians love their Linux to

    It is very cool! But not for us. The Linux system is very reliable, so Russia does not want the whole world to know about its plans. So they have something to hide!
  19. Please help, the video I was watching is from the studioweb courses and obviously its a little outdated(sorry). So when the password section came up it was set to 'on' and I thought I turned it 'off'. The video demonstration is saying to leave the password to 'off', but on my computer local server it was actually set 'on' so I turned it 'off' and now I am locked out of the phpMyAdmin. I have been looking for tons of code and help online and I am striking out.. Please help!
  20. jamminb73

    LAMP stack

    I'm trying to follow the php course on ubuntu linux. I was able to get apache and mysql working, where I can query them with systemctl and sevice commands to check status and restart and stop/start. I see the apache splash page on localhost. What I don't quite understand is the default files are kept in /var/www/index.html. I am not able to modify these files from vscode or atom. Is there a good way to change the location where the projects will be located. I don't really like windows at all, and I don't have a mac, so the mamp server shown in the training is not available to me.
  21. Carly

    Custom Menu in Wordpress , Help :)

    I don't have deep information about Wordpress means I am using this CMS since 2016 but not able to customized it. That's why I said that I don't have deep information. I normally use plugins to add or remove the functionality as i don't konw its customization. It much better if you have a plan to use custom CMS than i will never prefer to use open source CMS and than customized it. It more preferable for me that you should to use custom CMS leadconcept(.)com/custom-content-management-system.html instead of open source if you want to required different functionality. Anyways, everyone has its own point of view. Also you sever should be perfect for high level stores or eCommerce sites as they have lot of inventory. A competitive analysis of the RDBMS market over the past 30 years shows a steady growth of Microsoft SQL Server, especially after the release of SQL Server 2000. With Linux support, this growth could be even greater. Anyways, thanks for shairng the nice piece of stuff with us.
  22. RichardA

    Freelancing panic - help on finding work

    It is true that you need to be willing to do some work for free in your area. This is how you build trust that you are not a con man. I have talked to a couple of business that were so aggravated by the cost of the update of their website that they decided they did not need one and just took it down. Their business is doing well with older customers, not younger people. There is a way to find your way in. Prospecting clients is not easy but will pay off after a time.
  23. RichardA

    Theme Generator

    <!-- I have been working on building my first three websites for free. I never realized how difficult it is to give away hard work. I am working on redesigning a Wix template for a non-profit. I find myself becoming frustrated because they will cancel on set times. They do not appear to have time. --frustration--> I have been looking at WordPress and it is a new horse. It looks complicated to me compared to CSS. The new WordPress does not appear to be friendly to coders. Theme prices are really high, not something I am willing to give away for free websites! I found something called Theme Generator. I was wonder if anyone has tried it yet. I thought I would ask first to keep myself from making a mistake. There are YouTube sales videos that go with it. the link is: https://themesgenerator.com/ Thank you.
  24. administrator

    source file for HTML5, ch7-tables-final.html

    Yes, it is </tr>
  25. Hi, I just wanted to make sure if this is a typo or not? on the line of colspan= in the attached source file; the closing tags are </td></td> , or should they be </td></tr> ? I did run both codes, they both work. Thank you. ch7-tables-final.html
  26. administrator

    it's been a while

    The web hosting configuration has no impact on the course. Choose what you need for your site. If you are not sure, just take the least expensive plan for now. You can always upgrade if need be. Stef
  27. MichWolverine

    it's been a while

    It's been a while since I've touched any programming. I am purchasing the Python course here in a couple minutes. I'm considering the IWD course as well but I know there is the InMotion web hosting offer going on. Anyone know what the suggested configuration should be to get the most from the course and hosting without over doing it or coming up short? Thank you.
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