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  2. courses offered in college

    wow thank you. btw i am taking the python course through studioweb but yea its not part of the degree sadly.
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  4. Critical Flaw in All Blizzard Games Could Let Hackers Hijack Millions of PCs https://thehackernews.com/2018/01/dns-rebinding-attack-hacking.html
  5. Some study questions

    Not really. Any image editor will do. The photoshop portion is only used to create images .. which you can do with any image editor.
  6. Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the forum. Stef
  7. I got into Cyber Security as far as a 2 year degree. I was unable to get a job with that training and I don't have the financial resources to continue. Also, all the jobs I see listed in Cybersecurity have a lot of requirements for job experience, a 4+ year degree, plus several expensive certifications. Also, a lot of what I'm hearing is industry really considers qualified people to be those looking into Cybersecurity as a second career choice and already have experience administering databases or networks. I've also heard that many colleges have terrible cybersecurity curriculums and many companies are skeptical of these degrees. This was also true in my case. I had two Firewall classes and not once did we configure a Firewall or even look at a GUI; it was all about security managerial roles. So I'm here starting over from a different direction with Stef's KillerPython. The strange thing is I feel I might someday be able to at at least do Penetration Testing if I get good at Python and KALI Linux tools which my college courses.
  8. Dabbling in Python with Turtle

    I started Stef's KillerPython as a programming refresher and to clarify some things in Python. I like this tool Turtle that he chose to explain things. It's less complicated than other tutorials I've seen trying to use TKinter or even worse PyGame. In the attached code, I have functions for drawing a square or triangle making use of For Loops and If Then statements. The first argument controls the size of the shapes. I wanted a way to accept a second argument telling the Turtle to draw the shape to the left or the right, but I seemed to be getting into a weird situation trying to get Words or Strings accepted as arguments. I defined right = 1 and left = 2 so they sort of behaved like integers in my IF statement. Anyway, so far I'm enjoying the approach to KillerPython. As I said in a post on YouTube, I've had some coding classes that leaned heavily on Power Point and were so awfully boring lol. This is much better feeling more casual and interactive. Testing.py
  9. courses offered in college

    As the security guy here, the answer is easy, "secure server side web programming" and considering the degree. Java is the most common programming language, but it is a god-awful security risk, it is the Titanic of security risks. Python is coming on strong and is more secure..., but not offered apparently. C++ and C# are older and more high level programming type stuff ASP.Net is just a framework and uses other languages like C#/ASP.net, Python/ASP.net, it is not a true language of it's own, it just uses other languages. Mobile devices are growing and security is a nightmare with them. That would be my No. 2 for you.
  10. Hello Everyone

    Hello I am a web designer, web developer, content writer, digital marketer, mobile app developer, Graphic designer. Love to join here, hope to discover some best discussions and learn new things. Thank you
  11. Some study questions

    Hi Stef Would I need Photoshop in order to complete the WordPress course? Thanks
  12. courses offered in college

    which software course/language should i take from these options? I only get to choose one. your suggestions appreciated. visual basics, java, c++, c#, asp.net, mobile device programming, secure server side web programming? the degree is "computer network administration and security management" with emphasis in information technology
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  14. Studioweb New Curriculum For 2017

    Hi, Send me an email and I will arrange to get you the quizzing. Stef
  15. Isset function

    Okay this is a newbie question but I know how it works but I just want to know how. So this code for example: if(isset($_POST['submit'])){ // do some stuff } else { // do some else stuff } This if statement will only do its code block if submit button is clicked or in nerds language if $_POST['submit'] is set. So thats means that value of that submit button is NULL before clicking, but when we click that submit button we are giving it a value? For example <input type="submit" name="submit" value="someAwesomeValue"> if I click this button its value will be 'someAwesomeValue' which means I set $_POST['submit'] value to 'someAwesomeValue' or in other words $_POST['submit'] = 'someAwesomeValue' Thanks!
  16. Studioweb New Curriculum For 2017

    I bought it I thought I can watch it on the website and have those quiz questions anyway thanks!
  17. Studioweb New Curriculum For 2017

    Hi, The Python is a separate purchase, you have to admit, at only $29, they are a bargain! https://www.killervideostore.com/video-courses/beginners_python_3.php I believe the Python course is the best I've created. Stef
  18. Studioweb New Curriculum For 2017

    Hi Stef, Thanks for the <b>great!<b> IWDC! I am interested in the Python course also. Would you be able to add that for me also, please? Thankq.
  19. I mentioned it to my wife, she says look at "Booster" & "Bonfire". One of the two is used by "Puppy Rescue" where we got two of our dogs from Afghanistan. They use it for fund raising.
  20. Entrepreneurship

    What are the best platforms to be a freelance developer?
  21. Studioweb New Curriculum For 2017

    Yo Stef, I finished IWD course and I have bought Python course, can u add it? Thanks!
  22. Studioweb New Curriculum For 2017

    Hey Stefan, I am enrolled in the IWD course and would like to add python Thanks for your help Vickie
  23. I'll check it out. We don't expect people to just find it there, the link will be posted to the website and the Facebook pages the organization has. Thanks!
  24. Redbubble may be an option. I don't know much about it, my daughter just started selling her art there. But of course hard to attract people to it as a fundraiser.
  25. I need to set up an online store to sell t-shirts for a not-for-profit to assist with their fund-raising. I don't necessarily want to sell on Facebook, since not everybody has Facebook. There's Shopify, Etsy might be an option. Does anyone have any experience with something like this?
  26. Cybersecurity News

    International Cybersecurity Related News Cyber news from around the world. Asia/Pacific Australian Government Contractor Exposed 50,000 Records [11/6/2017] China Chinese Quantum Satellite Sends First ‘Unhackable’ Data to Earth China Enforces Real-Name Policy to Regulate Online Comments China Shuts Down Popular VPN Services to Make Great Firewall Stronger Europe Nearly Half of the Norway Population Exposed in HealthCare Data Breach [1/22/2018] 75,000 Turks Arrested So Far for Downloading Encrypted Messaging App European Parliament Proposes Ban On Encryption Backdoors Sweden Accidentally Leaks Personal Details of Nearly All Citizens Mystery surrounds malware attack that forced German state parliament offline Middle East/Africa Ethiopia Deployed Israeli-Made Spyware Against Dissidents [12/8/2017] APT33: Researchers Expose Iranian Hacking Group Linked to Destructive Malware North Korea Korea in the Crosshairs [1/18/2018] Trump Administration: 'North Korea Launched WannaCry' [12/20/2017] Was North Korea Behind Ransomware Cyberattack? HIDDEN COBRA – North Korea’s DDoS Botnet Infrastructure US Warns of 'DeltaCharlie' – A North Korean DDoS Botnet Malware Watch Out for Malware If You're Interested in North Korean Missile Program Russia 22-Year-Old Hacker Pleads Guilty to 2014 Yahoo Hack, Admits Helping Russian Intelligence [11/30/2017] Russia's Accused Hacker Repeat Play: Extradition Tug of War [11/29/2017] Russia military acknowledges new branch: info warfare troops Russia Bans Proxy Services And VPNs To Purge Extremist Content CNN Exclusive: US suspects Russian hackers planted fake news behind Qatar crisis Russia Threatens to Ban Telegram Messaging App, Says It Was Used By Terrorists
  27. Books for programming

    Hmmm could come useful, thanks!
  28. Why cURL Fails To fetch Page ?

    Hi, If you are getting HTTP 403 Forbidden status , it could be the website blocking unknown bots - curl would be perceived as such. Stef
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