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  3. Firefox Quantum

    No, Fresh install of Quantom after deleting all profiles and firefox stuff and it is still slower than Maxthon 5 and Chrome. Anyone having a different outcome?
  4. Current Threats

    Bluetooth Hack Affects 20 Million Amazon Echo and Google Home Devices https://thehackernews.com/2017/11/amazon-alexa-hacking-bluetooth.html
  5. Current Threats

    17-Year-Old MS Office Flaw Lets Hackers Install Malware Without User Interaction https://thehackernews.com/2017/11/microsoft-office-rce-exploit.html
  6. Firefox Quantum

    OK, Update. I did install "It" and it is really just the next version of firefox, not a seperate browser as I had understood. So when you update from FF 56 to FF 57, you will have Quantum. There are some new things right off the bat: Book marks and Pocket are not in the address bar If you are missing add-ons, there is now a seperate page for "Legacy Add-ons" where you will find them, it is just an addition on the add-ons page. If you red the announcement I posted, there is a link to a speed test from Mozilla: https://mozilla.github.io/arewefastyet-speedometer/2.0/ In my testing, in all three tests I ran. Maxthon 5 Cloud Browser was the fastest, followed by Chrome and then Firefox Quantum. That said, as it is an upgrade there may be legacy crap slowing it down. I may just remove firefox and reinstall quantum and run the tests again.
  7. Firefox Quantum

    If you are not aware, Mozilla has released a new browser called Quantum on the 15th or 16th of Nov. 2017. I was not online yesterday, so just saw it today. Anyone use it yet, any thoughts, etc. anyone would like to share. I just downloaded it at work but nhot sure when I will get to work on it. Firefox Quantum
  8. New premium business forum to launch soon

    The entrepreneur forum is now up, and the first of the video and audio lessons should be up by the end of this week: Friday 17th November. Stef
  9. Come on in! Have a coffee with Stef!

    LOL! Hazelnut.
  10. Come on in! Have a coffee with Stef!

    You look like a latte man.
  11. Rebuilding a website.

    When doing a site refresh we do something like this: Audit Existing Site 1) Audit current sitemap & site architecture (urls, links, titles etc) to be sure we don't create any dead end links or stupidly remove any high performing pages, or that we redirect things appropriately (although we try to keep existing structure in place as much as possible to keep external bookmarks or links flowing in and maintain continuity of seo performance). 2) Audit the current website copy (WORDS are a huge part of web design which many new designers tend to overlook). Collect all the website copy together into buckets, or at least get a solid idea of what is where, so you can quickly analyze it and re-arrange, delete, or plan for new copy as needed. Strategize New Site 3) Strategize the new site design (if you're working with clients you need to do this based on client's business goals). Build a new sitemap, figure out what the function of each page is, what copy we will need (look at the old copy and decide what to scrap and what to keep, and what new copy we need), figure out what additional assets we might need as far as photography, videos, or technology we might need, plan out any advanced functionality, conversion funnels, etc. etc. Basically we create a blueprint of the new site and everythign we plan to do, while looking back at the old site and deciding what to keep and what to throw in the trash bin. 4) Create and/or gather all of the stuff we need to build the new site. Ie giving the client homework to create the copy we need, getting photography done, etc. 5) Finally the fun part. Design & Build the site. *** Careful if you are messing with DNS & Hosting setup. You gotta know what you are doing here or you can mess up email systems and other behind the scenes tech. Good luck man!
  12. Looking at upwork....I need to hurry up and get my web development skills up. lol

  13. Cybersecurity News

    OnePlus Vulnerabilities Another Shady App Found Pre-Installed on OnePlus Phones that Collects System Logs [11/16/2017] OnePlus Left A Backdoor That Allows Root Access Without Unlocking Bootloader [11/14/2017] OnePlus Secretly Collects Way More Data Than It Should - Here’s How to Disable It [11/14/2017]
  14. "Cybersecurity" It is under the Miscellaneus catagory. I also moved this post into the open forum as a better fit than announcements.
  15. What is the name of the cybersecurity forum?
  16. Rebuilding a website.

    Sounds good. Wordpress is ever present. Congratulations! Stef
  17. Rebuilding a website.

    It seems like there going to be using Wix.com and using WordPress. They made me the web master. I can't wait to use my skills to start having the site look amazing. :-)
  18. Studioweb New Curriculum For 2017

    I bought the IWD. So if I wanted to purchase the python course. Do you buy that separately?
  19. Web Developers, much of my posting to date has covered protecting yourself. Lets talk about protecting your customer and their users. I cannot state this any stronger, Strong Passwords! If it takes little effort to break a password than the site you built can be hi-jacked to pass out malware. Database design, consider making it a tiered design. Sensitive data in a red zone, encrypted and password protected with strict access permissions. Less sensitive data in a Yellow zone that has lesser protection and more access and simple stuff in a green zone with just password protection and general permissions. If you use look-up tables that state that "2 = married with children", that is a look-up table and needs liuttle protection. But all sensitive data should be encrypted so that if adversaries do get to it... they can't read it. Be aware of SQL Injection attacks. If you allow data to be added to a website, make sure it is checked. If you allow basic comments with no security, an adversary could insert JavaScript into that comment that does really bad things. Malware Detection - Discovering Cross-Site Scripting Attacks Watering Hole Attacks. I think LastLine blog defined it rather well: "In a network watering hole attack, cybercriminals set traps in websites that their target victims are known to frequent. Often the booby-trapped websites are smaller, niche sites that tend to have limited security. These sites can include business partner sites or small websites that provide specific products, services, or information to the target company or industry. When visited, the compromised website infects the target end-users computer or device with keyloggers, ransomware, and other types of malware." The issue here is really about protecting web sites you build from being the water holes that infects your customers users. Network Security and Watering Hole Attacks As I come across tips for securing your web sites, I will expand this thread.
  20. Studioweb New Curriculum For 2017

    Hi, Python is not part of the IWD course package. StudioWeb main curriculum is something for schools. Did you buy the IWD course? If not, let me know and I will include Python for you.
  21. Studioweb New Curriculum For 2017

    Hey Stefan, Do we need to buy the Python 3 course separately?
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  23. MySQL indexes can save your web app.

    I recently had trouble with a web app that was tanking at peak usage times. After considering all the major fixes, I decided to look at the basics: the database tables. I figured out which table was giving me problems, and immediately realized it had not been properly indexed. Indexing a database table is like creating an abbreviated version of the table, that allows for super fast reads. It can really speed up your app. So, I applied a couple of proper indexes (takes a few seconds to do,) and all of a sudden, an app that was running CPU at 50%, dropped to 3% and ran much faster. Don't underestimate proper indexing! This is something basic that just slipped through the cracks. Check out the images below: pre indexing and post indexing. The graphs tell the story. From the Google: MySQL uses indexes for these operations: To find the rows matching a WHERE clause quickly. To eliminate rows from consideration. ... If the table has a multiple-column index, any leftmost prefix of the index can be used by the optimizer to look up rows. ... To retrieve rows from other tables when performing joins. I hope you find this useful. Stef
  24. Viewing Forum

    Duh ---- and there I was exploring all the top menu options.... Thanks.
  25. Viewing Forum

    See the right side column. Stef
  26. Viewing Forum

    I looked but didn't find anything. But I may have been looking in all the wrong places....
  27. Viewing Forum

    Hmmm ... let me see. Stef
  28. Is there a way to view the forum with just new threads/replies at the top of a list?
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