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Ajax vs Flash – Killersites Web Design Magazine

Ajax vs Flash

In this podcast I talk about the differences between Flash and Ajax.

… I get into things like when to use one technology over an other, the pro’s and cons of each and I also give you hints with regards to how to choose which one to learn – based on who you are.

Ajax vs Flash Podcast

Download the MP3 (Running time: 16 minutes): ajax-vs-flash

Quick note: let me know what you think of the style of my presentation. I’m thinking that I may be a bit … shall I say, underwhelming? Anyway, any comments good or bad are welcome!


Stefan Mischook


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12 responses to “Ajax vs Flash”

  1. your presentation ( on all the videos and podcasts ) is the best I have seen and heard on these specific technological issues. the easygoing manner with which you address the topics is pleasant to listen to, not annoying, not stressful, like most. you have this good voice for oration, but more importantly, the content is excellent. the topic of starting a webdesign business (for instance) is not the most riveting one could imagine, but something of interest to many nonetheless. the personal anecdotes and opinions you express make your take on the generic topic refreshing. i feel like you have something to tell me. that you (for instance) consider getting an office space to be a big mistake tells me you are not doing this as an ‘upseller.’ that you understand the necessity of translating these technical things into ‘plain’ language tells me you are smart.

    looking forward to hearing more about ‘the business of webdesign’,( few too many days since the last).


  2. Hi,

    I appreciate the comments.

    I constantly try to improve the quality of the podcast and videos in terms of:

    – sound quality.
    – content.
    – and delivery.

    I’ve been able to make solid improvements over the years, nonetheless, there is still more I can do to improve things – especially with the delivery.

    … I’m still a little stiff (for my taste) even after all these years! Some things come easy, and some things don’t!

    PS: I will have a new Business of Web Design podcast out very soon.

    Bye for now,


  3. Hey Stefan. Great overview. I hope you deepen into each subject later on. Ajax is a tricky technique i have to say.


  4. I started out reading through all the lessons on the how-to-build-a-website portion of killersites.com. Since then I’ve graduated, and now listen to your pod casts.

    I was afraid the intelligible, jargon-free writing you displayed earlier would be lost. But , you proved this skeptic wrong. You deliver the audio clips with the same ease and clarity as you do with your writing.

    Thank you and keep up the good work,


  5. Hi Patrick,

    I’m happy to hear that you like the audio clips. To tell you the truth, even after all the video tutorials and podcast I’ve made, I still need to keep working on the delivery.

    … It isn’t as easy for me as I would like.

    Thanks for writing.


  6. Great podcast! Thanks very much–I’m kind of a novice, but I have done some Flash work; still, I really appreciated the whole comparison-type of presentation. I hope you do more like this!
    It didn’t seem long either, and I even rewound some parts a couple of times and took notes. Thank-you again.

  7. I think your delivery is folksy, and that is a compliment! Some people speak too fast. Since I have found your site I have been listening to everything you have and I’m hungry for more. I love your business web stuff as I am starting my web design business as a retirement project. I am currently teach elementary web design at a high school and will give you a plug at my school.


  8. Please do ot try to proffesionalize your delivery, for you might run the risk of losing your sincerity. I like that you just work off of your notes, because You invariably say stuff that you might have been lost in a more structured or polished delivery.

    Part of what I like the most is that you are not selling anything, just giving sound information ased on experience not theory.

    thanks again and I would gladly pay a monthly fee for unlimited access to podcasts and videos.

    Keep up the honest work. Please.

    Thank you

  9. Hi Pat,

    I’m always trying to improve my delivery .. there is always room for improvement.

    I prefer the unscripted approach as well, because as you said, you probably get a better learning experience in the end. Yes, sometimes I screw up words … but, sometimes I get tired of hitting that edit button!

    Thanks for the comment and I appreciate the your support for the subscription service – we are building it now.