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  • Do Web Designers Need Drawing Skills?

    Most of the ideas for this series come from actual email questions put to me. Some of the questions delve into the basics of web design, while others may go into more advanced topics. This time around I’m answering a question from someone just looking to learn web design who wanted to know if they needed traditional pen-and-paper drawing skills in web design. Along the way, I explore a few other similar questions about web design related design skills.

  • Ajax vs Flash

    In this podcast I talk about the differences between Flash and Ajax. I get into things like when to use one technology over an other, the pro’s and cons of each and I also give you hints with regards to how to choose which one to learn – based on who you are.

  • Database Basics – a little non nerd theory

    Databases are backbone of so much these days (on the Web and in business in general) and as such, any self-respecting nerd should know at least a little bit about them. In a nutshell: A database is typically just a piece of software that acts like a virtual filing cabinet. Depending on the TYPE of database, they can come equipped with all kinds of extra features that make managing a lot of data easier.

  • What is an organic website?

    The inspiration for many of the ‘Ask a Web Nerd’ episodes is derived from email questions sent to me. This time around, someone contacted me to find out what an organic website was. In a nutshell: An organic website is a website that derives most of it’s traffic organically. OK, so what is ‘organic’ traffic?

  • Do you need web design school?

    This is the first of a new series of podcast that I am creating called: ‘Ask a web nerd.’ Not the greatest title, but I hope it tells something about this series; I will be answering common questions put to me by people everyday. Questions about anything regarding web design, web programming, getting into the web design game etc … In this podcast, I will answer a common question put to me every so often: