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What is an organic website? – Killersites Web Design Magazine

What is an organic website?

The inspiration for many of the ‘Ask a Web Nerd’ episodes comes from email questions sent to me. This time around, someone contacted me to find out what an organic website was.

In a nutshell:

An organic website is a website that derives most of it’s traffic organically. OK, so what is ‘organic’ traffic?

Organic traffic is traffic that comes to you by why of direct type-ins, natural search engine results and links coming in from other websites.

… Basically, it is traffic that does not come in from ads/links you have paid for. Check out the podcast for details and tips on creating organic websites.

Organic websites explained:


Stefan Mischook


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  1. Interesting video. Any chance you can add download links for the MP3’s though? I’d rather listen to a bunch of these on my MP3 player while making my way to work.