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The Color Cube

The Netscape Color Cube
These are the 216 colors that the Netscape browser uses in its palette. By using these colors on your web pages, you can be assured that the viewer will see your images exactly as you intended. If you don't use the color cube, Netscape will use it for you.
Here's how to load the color cube's palette into Photoshop 4.0's color picker:
1. Save the image above to your hard disk (click and hold down your mouse button if you're using a Mac and right click if you're using a PC, which will bring up a pop up menu that allows you to save the image to your hard disk).
2. Open the image in Photoshop.
3. Change mode to indexed color using "exact palette" and color depth of 8 bits/pixel (Image/mode/indexed color, the image may already be in this mode).
4. Open the color table (Image/mode/color table).
5. Save the palette as "color_cube.tbl" onto your hard disk.
6. Cancel out of the Color Table dialog box.
7. Go to Swatches in your colors window.
8. Click on the right arrow to pop up a submenu, and choose "Load Swatches."
9. Search your hard disk to find "color_cube.tbl," and open that color table.
10. Quit Photoshop and restart it to make sure it has saved this table as your default set of swatches. You may now use it to choose colors for creating and manipulating images.
11. Because the arrangements of these colors can be confusing, you may want to create or download a separate Photoshop document that has the colors arranged in a more useful way than you can get here in the picker. Then use the dropper tool to pick up colors.

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