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GIF Compression

It's a good idea to have an understanding of the GIF format's compression algorithm before creating your images. Study the images below, paying attention to their file sizes and horizontal regularity, to get a feel for how the Lempel-Ziv-Welch scheme works.

A1: 941 bytes

A2: 1,000 bytes

A3: 1,001 bytes

A4: 1,004 bytes

A5: 1,002 bytes

A6: 1,033 bytes

B1: 941 bytes

B2: 1,102 bytes

B3: 1,238 bytes

B4: 1,147 bytes

B5: 1,186 bytes

B6: 1,452 bytes

C1: 1,239 bytes

C2: 1,891 bytes

C3: 1,520 bytes

C4: 1,568 bytes

D1: 1,248 bytes

D2: 1,402 bytes

E1: 1,803 bytes

E2: 2,243 bytes

F1: 6,685 bytes

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