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how to create spaceball.gif


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Hello Dear

I liked a picture on Flick but when I tried to save that picture to my computer, only a spaceball.gif was saved there. The link is


Can you please tell me how to make such spaceball.gif for a picture on my site and how can I use it.

I made a table in put a picture in its background and copied same spaceball.gif from Flickr to my folder but it still can be downloaded?

Can anyone help?

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Spaceball.gif is simply a small transparent gif file. The actual picture is displayed as a background image, and the spaceball.gif file is placed over the background as a way to help prevent people taking the image. It doesn't really stop people from copying the image -- there are easy ways around it.


Realistically, unless you are a professional photographer, I really don't see a need to use a method like this, especially since it's so easy for someone who knows what they are doing to get around it.

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