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Sending Form Information


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Essentially, you just have to add the mail function last, after the submission to your database. See if you can work it out from here to suit your code:-

  $result=MYSQL_QUERY("INSERT INTO villagehall (id, day, month, year,date,starttime, endtime, club, room, who, phone, email, message, book)".
     "VALUES ('NULL', '$day', '$month', '$year', '$date', '$starttime', '$endtime', '$club1', '$room' , '$who1',  '$phone1' , '$email1' , '$message1', '$book')")or die( "<p><span style=\"color: red;\">Unable to select table</span></p>");  

mail( $email, "Village Hall booking", "$day/$month/$year $starttime to $endtime\r\n$room $book\r\n$club\r\n\r\n$replymsg", "From: $admin" );

header( "Location: $thankyouurl" );		



The above is just part of the code. It's old mysql; I have updated my page to mysqli which is recommended now, but the code is a little bit more complicated as more than one parameter is often needed.

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