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element objects missing


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i have discovered that i am missing an attribute.


in my screen shots provided. it indicates that i do have the <object type=""> defined

so it must be talking about the above <object classid="" that the validator is questioning.


is i change the <object classid="".....to....<object data="what do i put here">

where is it pulling the current clsid: "long number" from.


appreciate your help!



post-43838-046373500 1345237373_thumb.png

post-43838-056397300 1345237412_thumb.png

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The error there says your classid is 'obsolete', meaning whatever plugin that would normally play your video/other media likely will not now. You need a 'new' classid.


You can search what the HTML5 classid is for the plugin you want to use; or


If you upload your video (if it is a video), to youtube, they will provide you a code snippet to embed your video in a webpage, and it should work that way.

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