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Responsive WordPress Theme Question


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Hello, I have two responsive WordPress themes. However, neither resize when I touch the screen to zoom in or out. However, when I look at some sites on my tablet, they have that capability. Does anyone know what that capability to resize by pulling or dragging on the screen is called? Thanks!

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Resizing (usually by touching with two fingers and then widening them) is different than a "responsive" design. All sites should have zoom functionality on a touch sensitive tablet/phone (assuming that the browser supports zooming.) If you don't have that functionality, I think that's likely a case of user error -- not an issue with the theme itself.


Responsive design means that the design itself adapts based on the screen resolution -- that the website may look different on a small screen like an iPhone than it does on a iPad or in a web browser. It narrows or widens, adapting to the resolution of the screen that it is being viewed on. Elements on the page may shift or change. Images may get smaller or larger, columns grow or shrink, etc.

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