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Hi , i having problems doing my website.

I need to find a way to make a form that directs the information to an Excel sheet instead of an email address. Its a contact database where people can add themselves and others. After a week I´d like to just print this Excel with all the names on.

I would like some help if its posible. Thank you

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I'm not sure how you do that into Excel directly, but I can offer a solution to do it indirectly.


Assuming your hosting service has a Linux server, you use PHP and a MySQL database to store the data. You can then manually export the database data into Excel whenever you want, say every day or every week.


See http://www.wickham43.net/formphptomysql.php for an example, but remember that it's only the basic code and will need some extra security measures. The database has a menu with export options.


It's probably better to Google for a package that you can download and install.

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