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need help with database and uploading video scripts or something

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Hello everybody, Im new to the forum and Im a little confused and need your help. Im more of a graphic designer then a web designer and I have done a few hand coding ''html/css" sites for local businesses. I am familiar with web designing. I’ve done some easy sites with simple links like, home, about, service, products, gallery and contact pages. And copy/paste free simple PHP forms. And today, I got a client needing me to just redo his website, I said ok no prob, I just get a new template and edit it with my html editor. My client runs a talent show case business or something for talented people to be noticed. Then he sends me this this long email, Im only posting part of the email, the complex part for me:


{Members} sign up are free, they'll able to watch videos, vote in contests, and leave comments but they can't upload videos.


Show casers pay $9.95 a month to upload 3 videos per month or $14.95 a month and ASFUT will place all 3 videos on the desktops of every Talent Seekers in our database.


Talent Seekers will only be charge when they make a request for the Talent info. We need to put a gateway (pay pal) for rein-current fees.

Please help, I don't even know where to start, what scripts do I use for this, or point me to the right direction, a hint or clue. Never done something like this before, I don’t want to look bad, and let him down, and plus it’s great experience for me. Is this mysql or javascript or something like that, is this something that his website host has to take care off, or some script I have to add. I know Youtube has the upload function, but how do I add the upload videos, forms to fill and for him to except payment. Im sorry guys for this long post, I just need a clue, Im lost. For what I read, it sounds like 40 pages at least, and I never done no more then 8 pages. HELP!

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this is quite old. surprised no one replied and likely it is moot.


this is a complex system your client is requesting. it will require a database and some advanced programming. you would likely need to hire another developer to do this for you. there is no one "script plugin" or technique or even technology that will do all of this for you.

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