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  1. Hi friends, quick question and Im new to all of this. I didnt use a preconfigured package like xampp and wamp, learning from online tutorials. I installed everything manually by hand. Apache 2 and PHP5 on Win7, and my site looks good on localhost. Took me forever and sleepless knights LOL to get Apache and php working, and recently I installed Joomla 2.5. Im having problems with installation on 2:Pre-installation check, the database support says no, so I figured it was cause I didn't have Mysql installed. So I installed Msql5, and configured it by following the instructions. I rest
  2. Cool, got it to work, thanx all friends who viewed at least for the support. If you or anyone have the same problem or similar, let me know. Ill let ya know what I did.
  3. Hello my friends, Im new to Apache. Does anyone here use Apache server with Vonage router. Im a little confused and stuck on trying to get my site live for the internet for the past 5 days now. I can see my site from the browser at localhost and localhost/index.html. So Im assuming everything is working good so far, I configured the httpd.conf file and PHP5 to work together,sense Im only hosting my online resume and portfolio, I html/css hand coded. My original isp is verizon "DSL westell modem", but recently my parents got Vonage "vdv22-vd" so they could set up home phone for internationa
  4. Hello everybody, Im new to the forum and Im a little confused and need your help. Im more of a graphic designer then a web designer and I have done a few hand coding ''html/css" sites for local businesses. I am familiar with web designing. I’ve done some easy sites with simple links like, home, about, service, products, gallery and contact pages. And copy/paste free simple PHP forms. And today, I got a client needing me to just redo his website, I said ok no prob, I just get a new template and edit it with my html editor. My client runs a talent show case business or something for talented peo
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