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I am new here and need killersites administrator to answer this


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I am new here and need some help on how to design this kind of site. Below is the description of the site:


Is a randomized referral program whereby a new member that wants to

join the program will pay to three persons before he will allow to

complete his registration. Below is how it works:


- If a URL of the member is used to promote the site when a new member

joins, then a URL of the member that is chosen as a sponsor will be

pay $6 directly to his liberty reserve account.


- if a member join and another member that has joined before is picked

by the system as the random member, the person will get $3.


- If a member joins through a link of his sponsor (referral) and also

he is chosen randomly, he will receive $9 ( i.e. Sponsor $6 and $3 as

a random member).


For example, if Mr A refers Mr B, then Mr B will pay $6 directly to Mr

A libertyreserve account, another $3 to random chosen member, finally

$3 to admin for the site up keep.


Members have options of upgrading their account in order to have their

user id rotate more than others. Example of such site is



How can i design such site? can wordpress or joomla software do the job? And again what is the best way to integrate PHP with wordpress.


Thanks for your advice:

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