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monthly newsletter for subscribed users


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Yes, php is quite well suited to do this, and there are several people here that could write the code for you, however, this Forum is designed to assist you with the coding problems you are having. We don't (generally) write code for others. We help you write your own code and debug scripts.


First, you will need a method to record the members who want to receive the newsletter, so you will probably require a database for their names and email address (at minimum), and a Form on a page so they can request the newsletter (or un-subscribe).

Second, you will need a Form for inputting the Newsletter that may or may not add the newsletter to the Database mentioned above. This would be a good place to Edit and save the contents into a file or DB entry as well.

Third thing might be an Archive for the Newsletter Contents (optional).

Fourthly, a means to distribute the newsletter, ie a Mail Server.

Fifth, a Form to select the membership list for the newsletter and send it.




Avoid re-inventing the wheel

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