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Swap Image gallery browser problem

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I've put a JavaScript Swap Image gallery on my Web site Here, to show pictures of my motorcycle, which I'm selling. My initial testing was successful and it appeared to work fine in all major browsers, however I noticed whilst using a different machine that it is not rendering correctly in all browsers all of the time, differing versions seem to throw it.

The gallery is simple enough, one large image of 772px x 579px and 3 rows of 8 thumbnails at 93px x 70px, most browsers render the thumbs as designed with 4px borders, but some browsers or different versions of a browser seem to add to the side border causing the end thumbs to drop a row, Opera even blocks the thumbs into continuous columns.

I've spent ages on the problem and tried all sorts, including setting a fixed 'li' border size for the thumbs, but that didn't work either.

Ideas/help appreciated!!!!!

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I added just 1 px to the width of .gallery, and in FX, the thumbnails fell in place.


Also, regarding your html - paragraphs should be surrounded by p tags - don't use line break tags to create paragraph breaks. And you do not need any non-breaking spaces between sentences. One space is plenty.


Your text should look like this:


<div class="information"> 

I have a 2001 Honda Hornet 600 for sale with very low mileage and all of the past MOT certificates for proof,
along with some other original documentation and in the region of £500 worth of extra accessories and enhancements. In the 3½ year
I've had the bike I've had no problems with it, apart from having to put a new battery on, as the previous owner had wired up the heated
grips directly to the battery, no problem for him as he used the bike daily, but the drain caused by my not riding it so regularly wiped
out the battery for me, I soon got the grips wired to the loom so they now operate on the ignition. The bike has sailed through the MOTs
for me and not cost a penny in maintenance, apart from the annual servicing that I've had done locally.

The bike came with a cherished plate, which was put on by a previous owner sometime between 05 and 06, I'm keeping this plate and have 
transferred it to my other bike.

<p><strong>The updated V5 document has now been returned to me, ready for transfer to a new owner.</strong>

<p>I've obscured the plate in the photos (which were taken prior to the transfer), but if anyone requires the new registration number
(which is actually the bike's original) for a HPI check, I'll gladly disclose it, but I can assure that the HPI will return clear 
apart from the plate changes and I never had any finance on the bike.

The bike's fitted with a set of P 

and so on ....

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THANK YOU!!!! Andrea

I'll get on to it asap.

I do this purely out of interest in the Web and for fun, not financial gain, any help I receive along the way is VERY much appreciated.

Kindest regards,


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