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Webpage not working


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I just installed WAMP and got php,apache and sql all setup. Its all working now but I am having problems with the forms (in php) being dispayed on the website.


I made changes to php.ini as follows:

[mail function]

; For Win32 only.

SMTP = my_smtp

smtp_port = 25


; For Win32 only.

sendmail_from = my_email_address


Also I added the following lines to the php in my form.




All this has helped to make the forms work on localhost but when I upload the form onto my website, it is not bringing up anything. It just brings a blank page.


Can anyone please help me with this problem. Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you very much.

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Hi Everyone,

Sorry but I just realised that it is not just forms I am having problem with!!

I am not able to view any pages on my website (if I make changes and upload them now) after making the above mentioned php changes.

I am totally clueless about what the problem is...

Can anyone please help me with this. Thank you.

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