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Firefox & IE - local & site based color differences


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You gurus out there - please help. I have 3 related issues and I am completely stumped in fixing this.


1. When designing the website with Dreamweaver, I use Firefox and IE to test the pages and both browsers display the correct colors, etc etc. This is when testing the pages with both browsers through Dreamweaver (cntrl f12, f12). However, once I upload the site, the IE7 results are different. I just cannot understand why this should be. Which brings me to the next issue.


2. Having uploaded the site, the Firefox version shows the background as "Black" but the IE7 version shows this as "Cream" - EVEN though the color on viewing the pages show correctly when testing (as above). Here is the link to the "home" page. http://sfdav.com.au/index.html


3. Finally, I have about 30 pages to show Folk Art Styles, and while Firefox shows the correct hyperlink selection colors, IE7 is practically invisible. Yet, testing the pages locally show no difference between the two browsers. An example link http://www.sfdav.com.au/folkart-styles-html-pages/art-deco.html.


You might have gathered from the above I do web sites as a hobby for non-profit orgs at no charge, but issues like the above are not good for my retirement peace of mind, let alone the diminishing head of hair. :)


Thank you all



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You have three stylesheet links:-

(which isn't a .css file)

then a head section style for a black body color

body {

background-color: #000000;



and then


There's probably an overlap somewhere and IE is using one stylesheet while FX is using another. Is there a white body color in the last stylesheet which is being processed last by IE?


Item 3: your link above doesn't work but I managed to get to it from your menu:-



You have this stylesheet link twice but it doesn't work:-



Sort out your stylesheets.

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Wickham - you are a gem - many thanks and as soon as I have my "Grouse on the rocks" :) Shall look into and report back. As for the link that does not work, here is another one http://www.sfdav.com.au/folkart-styles-html-pages/art-deco.html . You can also get to those pages by selecting "Folart Styles" and then selecting any of the styles presented on that page.


Thanks for your quick and informative reply. I am really grateful.

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I downloaded this page


and only this stylesheet



and I found that IE7 and Firefox both had the correct links colors, so IE7 must be taking the red link hover color from the stylesheet I said could not be accessed or from the template file /Templates/definitions.dwt which I didn't download.

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